Math-e-Militant? Tuterror-ist? Maybe. Yet, only a Pawn to the State Preying on Lives.


The Beauty that is ‘Riyaz’ and the benefits it bestows

Riyaz is a beautiful Urdu/ Hindustani term to denote ‘practice’ in music. Now it has become synonymous with general training/ practice etc as part of the part to perfection. Urdu is a poet’s language and its expressions are beautifully nuanced. It is no wonder that so many Urdu terms or turns of phrase can find applications in daily parlance. With what hopes Riyaz Naikoo‘s parents would have named him after this beautiful term, it is very sad and futile to reflect upon, now.

A potentially Beautiful Mind is turned truant

But sadly enough, the beautiful mind that used to practice mathematics and teach it, at some time, turned truant. A tutor turning truant and taking to terror is not an ideal State. Pakistan is a State on the verge of political implosion. The way it is under China’s thumb with huge capital inflows means it is also on the verge of economic capitulation to the dragon. But somehow it seeks solace in attempting to be a thorn in its neighbour’s flesh.

Pakistani identity/ raison d’etre tied to India 🙂

Much of the Pakistani Army/ Government bandwidth is allocated to India. So much so that, that one often thinks, the raison d’etre for Pakistan is India. Imagine this hypothetical situation. By some quirk of geo-dynamics/ continental plate movement/ ocean currents etc, Pakistan just dislodges overnight from the Asian/ Indian sub-continent plate and finds itself near Florida, USA. Would the Pakistani establishment rejoice in the fact that the country has moved closer to its largest export market (the US bought almost a fifth of Pakistan’s exports in 2019)? Very likely not.

Happy with even losing an eye, if the neighbour loses vision fully

That the world’s largest economy is just a stone’s throw away would not be particularly good news. This is because, the Pakistani pysche (not the average Pakistani citizen’s, but of the army/ political establishment) is used to seeing itself (and making others see it) as the ‘Christ’ to India’s supposedly anti-Christ disposition/ dispensation. The problem with this mental make-up is this. If there is no India, Pakistan may not know what to do with itself. Education, Health, Civil Rights, Gender Discrimination, Minority abuse/ harassment etc are not decent enough agenda for the the Pak Army satraps. No weapons purchases and potential kickbacks involved in any of the above.

Packaging more polished, but the Pakistani Psyche perhaps etched permanently

One initially hoped (against hope) that the Oxford educated Imran Khan would be able to do some good for his own people and mend ties with the neighbour. But sadly that has remained wishful thinking. If anything, the words coming from the establishment are only more polished (thanks to Oxford), but there is little else.

However well trained, the ‘Riyaz’es will end up as cannon fodder.

The Naikoos of the world may be good at mathematics. But they let themselves be indoctrinated by players in whose Game Theory, the only practice the Riyazs of the world can get is of being cannon fodder. This is almost a zero sum game in which Pakistan can never win materially and the Naikoos will just remain pawns. Pawns whose lives continue to be played with and preyed upon by the Viziers and Knights in Prey-istan. One only hopes that the Naikoos of Kashmir stop being naive. However militarily well trained, these Riyazes can only end up as cannon fodder.