Man runs Amok, not the circus jumbo
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Mankind runs Amok, not the Circus Jumbo

‘Punekars’ or Pune-ites had a ‘circus’ scare for some time on Wednesday, 7th September. Rambo Circus’ elephant Nithya created a scare amongst passers-by when she decided  to take a stroll by


Playful Pachyderm prods Punekars’ panic  

Her mahouts had taken her out of the circus area for a bath and she managed to walk away. A giant’s walk, however leisurely, may create mayhem but gentle Nithya surely was not dangerous as affirmed by her mahouts and the circus’ owner. It turns out that she was as scared of the number of persons gathered as they were wary of her but finally her mahouts were able to calm her. Life in general also became less exciting in that part of Pune.

Elephants in Distress

What we see is a Jumbo running amok. How many of us realize that it is Man who is guilty of letting his diktat run wild and putting a spanner in Nature’s works? Nature, as motherly as she can possibly get, is doing her best to put up with the child’s bad behaviour. But the toll it is taking on the Mother’s health. Only a few realize this. A few out of the former few have also started working on this, which is heartening. We need to do so much more.

Mankind has unleashed an havoc over the centuries and The Elephant, also a keystone species is symbolic of the same. The elephant by natural behaviour keeps moving daily over large distances. Hence shackling it and/or confining it in a small space for years together is very cruel. But this what any zoo or circus or a temple typically does. Their mahouts and owners often abuse them during these confinements. Rambo Circus itself has been found guilty of the same under the Prevention of Cruelty To Animals Act (PCA). Also reducing forest cover impacts movement of the elephants which typically move from one major forest to another and we see increasing human-elephant conflicts.

PICTURE OF TRAUMA: Nandan, a magnificent tusker at Guruvayur, is always chained. The plight of other elephants can be much worse. Photo: Dev Gogoiphoto courtesy: PICTURE OF TRAUMA: Nandan, a magnificent tusker at Guruvayur, is always chained. The plight of other elephants can be much worse. Photo: Dev Gogoi   

Cool Chilli’s Comments

Caging animals in Zoos, mindless abuse of animals in the name of experiments, commercial whaling, polluting the soil with chemicals, are a few of this naked ape‘s ‘musth‘ behaviour. But we also see movements towards progress. Movements to create natural sanctuaries for animals. Societal and legal pressure are exerted to abolish experiments on primates and others, while the ban on whaling is being respected by most countries and Organic Farming is getting more acreage.

One of NewsTikka’s beliefs is as summarized in the phrase, Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam. This ancient Sanskrit phrase means, ‘The world is one family’. Modern Science is increasingly realizing the truth and the beauty in ancient Oriental Wisdom. This is heart-warming. Most men might still be in deep sleep. But we are positive that Mankind will shrug off the arrogance of industrial and material progress. Man will waken, maybe slowly, but surely. This is one return of the prodigal son, the Mother would be yearning for!

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