Part 2 – Maneka Gandhi upset with Caesarean Deliveries ratio. WHO says 15%. TN at 34% , Telangana at 58% defy normal

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C-Section Deliveries becoming normal?? concept: Illustration: Artist Soorya


continued from Part 1 ….

Cool Chilli’s Comments on the Caesarean Option 

The procedure has its uses. It is useful to help save the lives of the mother or child or both in certain situations. Obviously these situations cannot be 70% of the time as the statistics (referred to in Part 1) indicate.  (Details of the C-Section procedure available in the link below for reference.)

The Medical and Ethical(Pharma) not strangers to the Unethical!  

Two decades ago, one began one’s career as a Medical Representative. Thankfully, one represented an  ethical and respected name in the Pharma Industry. But one came to know about many practices in the industry which made one shudder.

By today’s standards, those practices may still seem somehow acceptable, but those days they were still absolutely deplorable. Ethical firms like my employer, abhorred these practices. In fact any representative trying to influence any Doctor or Chemist was seen as violating Integrity Principles. 

I recount a few of them here:

  1. Nearby Chemists paying Doctors.  Some very ethical Doctors those days would not even use notepads supplied by Chemists or Pharma companies.  
  2. Doctors prescribing medicines (mineral tonics etc) knowing fully well that the body’s ability to absorb them is limited. But sometimes the Doctor was under pressure to prescribe them since the patient insisted.
  3. Atleast one Pharma company took Doctors on vacations (even to foreign locales) depending on the value of the prescriptions they wrote.

In Ending

Over the past few decades things could only have got worse. The attempts to choke our Health Eco-system needs immediate steps. This is a betrayal of innocents’ trust by those who have taken the Hippocratic Oath and cannot be condoned easily. Increasingly people falling sick (the non cold / fever types) or their relatives, are more worried about that how the Hospital may exploit him/her than about the sickness itself.   

Censure of, and measures to curb needless Caesarean procedures are very welcome. This step should be just one of the many required to monitor and eliminate various malpractices  plaguing this industry and directly impacting the common man. 

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