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Man your Goodies, Mafia at work!


O Mafia, O Mafia, oh, oh, oh, Oh

O Mafia, O Mafia, Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh

Enter Edubidi

Edubidi in your pidi(hold) Oh Oh Oh Oh

Tamil Nadu Administration in Edubidi’s (pidi)

Edubidi of the errand boy fame 

Anything unfair is fair game for him Oh, Oh, Oh.Oh

O Mafia, O Mafia, oh, oh, oh, Oh

ConVictoria Lay in Wait

The Queen of Con, lay in wait

For thirty plus years to go for the kill

In the process, helped an hospital Bill

Not sure if two months earlier Amma did die  

But kept embalmed to keep ConVictoria’s lie

O Mafia, O Mafia, Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh

Victoria proclaimed, after Mutiny leaders killed, to pacify a colony of natives

ConVictoria claimed public support and hosted representatives

Those partying MLAs who were seduced, drugged or bought

To betray the very people who gave them vote 

o Mafia, O Mafia, Oh Oh Oh Oh

With Edubidi at the top

Governance comes to a stop

ConVictoria shows now

Her past low profile was but a front, how 

O Mafia, O Mafia, oh oh Oh Oh

Can the Honest Arise ?

Is it too late, to erase the dirt on the slate? 

Am sure the honest will come forward to save the state

And Man Your Goodies before it is too late!  

O Mafia, O Mafia, Oh Oh Oh Oh

ConVictoria, ConVictoria, Go, Go , Go, Go

Proxy Palanisamy, Po, Po, Po, Po !


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  1. Time to voice opinions, time to wake up and time to tell politicians the change for better is settling and the people can’t be taken for a ride.reminds me of the famous words awake ,arise stop not till goal is reached.well done

  2. Beware of the mafia gang who looted tamilnadu left and right beware of the please save the people from the clutches of those thieves and puppets… sasikala in jail and ruling the state from there… an elected CM after being elected goes to meet a convicted criminal… this is his priority… Speaker refuses to conduct a fair election and throws an opposition leader from the house… happenings of the house not shown live and screened , press not allowed to view the proceedings… we are not in democracy it’s dictatorship where nobody will have a say please save us from this we are believers of freedom and