The Long and the SAARC of it. Sarcoma in The State in Coma.
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The Long and the SAARC of it. Sarcoma in The State in Coma.

There are two primary types of Cancer. Sarcoma and Carcinoma. In general, Sarcoma is rare. Only 1% of known cancer patients suffer from it. Metaphorically, Pakistan suffers from the Cancer of Terror. Imagine, Cancer holds the world in terror. Here we have a Nation-State that holds the Cancer of

Terror across the world.

In its inability to recognize the various ills that it suffers from, in its inability to get nudged by well meaning folks around, it is also akin to one in a state of Coma. Pakistan is The State in Coma.

Glimpses from recent History

Pakistan is that unfortunate country on which its establishment (Army and Government)  have wrought much despair. It has long been villified for being a hot bed of terrorist activity. Its slide into sufferings from ‘cancer’ and self-induced coma is not necessarily surprising, given the history of its origin and subsequent politicking. A ‘SAARC’ contrast to its neighbour.

For NewsTikka’s readers away from the sub-continent, the following points about Pakistan may be useful:

  • Pakistan for all practical purposes was formed because Jinnah did not believe that Muslims could be equal citizens in a United India.
  • The Britishers’ penchant for Divide and Rule no doubt helped Jinnah besides the latter’s desire for power and recognition, which mirrored Jawaharlal Nehru’s.
  • Early on in its nation-hood, Pakistan annexed an independent province, Balochistan, which to this day seeks independence. Pakistan also tried to annexe Kashmir on similar lines which was thwarted by the Indian Army.
  • Its army has ruled Pakistan for a substantial part of its short history.
  • Corrupt politicians and hawkish Army Generals had also played into the hands of US seeking a counter-weight to Russia’s advances into Afghanistan. India had been more pro-Soviet for much of its modern history, which helped Pakistan cosy upto the US.
  • The US may have awakened now to be more morally responsible, but Pakistan has been a victim like many other places. Those places where US’ earlier policies and misadventures have played havoc. The US helped create the Taliban, and the current situation in Pakistan. Imagine a so-called developing economy where drugs and weapons are sold on the streets in some parts of its country.
  • China now holds Pakistan in the CPEC Corridor. Pakistan has no escape.

Cool Chilli’s Comments

One wishes to believe India has tried to make peace, but this little brother called Pakistan, is/has been under too much bad  company for easy detoxification. How sad!

Neighbours and fellow members of the South Asian Association for Regional Co-operation (SAARC) now believe enough is enough. The Uri massacre may have been the last straw. Better to say ‘Nay’ and Abhor.

What a situation for a land that encompasses within its politcal boundaries, an ancient civilization and one of the earliest Universities known to mankind.