Leather Genuine, fine. But is the Licoshoes Brand for ‘MCPs’?

Leather Genuine but is the brand for MCPs
photo courtesy: snap of a print ad in leading Indian daily
Leather Genuine but is the brand for MCPs
photo courtesy: snap of a print ad in leading Indian daily

The Ad for Shoes in the leading daily

The ad appeared in the Sunday ‘lifestyle’ supplement (9th October 2016) of one of the leading dailies in India. The sort of supplement which has long ago seen commercial prudence in moving away from vintage Journalism. These days it is more fluff which sells, but some content is surely readable like health related articles and such.

This article is not about the Sunday supplement, but about one of the ads therein. The ad is for men’s formal shoes by a company called Licoshoes. When one went to the website of the company, it was found that its products were being sold in many countries etc. But the funny thing is that the company’s advertisement did not reflect that ‘global/broad outlook’.

Cool Chilli’s Comments

A pair of (supposedly)male legs and a young lady are visible. The male legs are wearing formal leather shoes (genuine leather, mind you, by Licoshoes). The lady is supposedly overwhelmed with the man or the shoes he is wearing or maybe both. So overwhelmed, in fact that she is sitting on the floor as he stands by her. Either she voluntarily picks his ‘Licoshoed’ leg and places on her thigh. Or he in all his wisdom, feels that he should place his leg and the Licoshoe attached on her thigh as a mark of his ownership. His ownership of the shoe on the woman he loves or the ownership of the woman through the shoe he loves. Difficult to say. More difficult to palate in these days of increasing empowerment of Women.

But the young lady possibly is in so much adulation of this character that she clings to his leg with one hand. Why only one hand? Because the other is clutching her clutch. Why the clutch? No idea. Has she already been facing abuse from him, wherein he has taken her money against her wishes. We will never know. The man may be a  MCP (Male Chauvinistic Pig as in common parlance) and the lady a door-mat. We cannot be very sure.

But one thing is sure. Cool Chilli will never endorse this brand Licoshoes as it stands! We hope brands like these, wake up and contribute their mite to society. Making socially responsible ads is a simple first step.