Kya Baat hai, Mann. Kaur se dekho Duniyawalon!

A gold, yet another, a third gold from an 100 year old
photo courtesy: Man Kaur, 100, of India, holds the gold medals she won in shot put and javelin events before competing in the 100-meter track and field event at the Americas Masters Games in Vancouver, British Columbia, Monday, Aug. 29, 2016. More than 10,000 athletes aged 30 and older are participating in the games which continue until Sept. 4. (Darryl Dyck/The Canadian Press via AP)
Kya Baat hai Mann. Kaur se dekho duniyawalon!
photo courtesy:

Kya Baat hai, Mann! (What a great news, Mann) Kaur se dekho duniyawalon. (peoples of the world, see carefully)

This is sure to warm Indian hearts. The elderly lady, Kaur from Chandigarh who took to running at age 93 due to encouragement from her son has won three gold medals at the Masters Games held in Vancouver, Canada. That she was the only competitor in her age category is

just a trivia none wishes to dwell on.  The fact that she participated in three events Javelin, Shortput and the 100 meters run, speaks volumes about the spirit of this lady.

As the Indian PM Mr Modi plans for the coming years’ Olympics, he will surely be hoping to tap this spirit. The Indian PM in his monthly radio talk ‘Mann ki baat‘, has often spoken of his hopes for a India developing in an all round manner.  This Mann’s feat is no doubt special and will undoubtedly swell his already celebrated chest with hope.

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3 Golds from an 100 year old