Karun Nair. 303 Not Out. ‘Drowning’ in adulation!

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Karun Nair. 303 Not Out

Hogging the headlines today. Karun has done what very few have, in their initial test matches. Karun in his third test did what has not been given to many others over a career. On the fourth day of the match, few would have expected an innings of such significance. Opponents (England) had already done a decent job of putting close to 500 runs batting first. Then close friend and team mate KL Rahul led India’s response with a well crafted innings. One more run would have made Rahul luckier to reach double century.

Unbeaten on 71 at the end of day three, Karun had already done enough to vindicate his place in the team. He came into the squad initially in place of the injured Rohit Sharma.  Rahul’s injury also gave him the chance to play his first two tests though it may not have been really memorable for Karun inspite of India’s win. Pressure would surely have been on him to show his value. And did he!

Kya-Run hai bhai !

A pre-term baby, his parents encouraged sports for him to help his health. More recently, a few months back, he escaped drowning in the Pampa river. Today, he surely will feel that Destiny preserved him for big achievements. His parents and he are now ‘drowning’ in a different manner with all the din and the adulation, sports fans are ‘subjecting’ them to. Not many have scored Triple Centuries and only two others before him have the glory of a triple hundred being their maiden century.

Cool Chilli’s Comments

England on their part surely must have wished Karun Nair had shown more Karunai/ Karuna (mercy or compassion in Tamil/Sanskrit/Malayalam/most Indian lanuages). On this note, this young man has ancestral origins in Kerala (mother tongue Malayalam), was born in Jodhpur- Rajasthan (lanuages Marwari/Hindi), with family settled now in Bangalore-Karnataka (Kannada language), achieves initial international acclaim  at Chennai (Tamil). He represents the increasingly cosmopolitan Indian, one supposes, as the English players cringed in agony.

Very interestingly, in recent days, India’s economy has overtaken United Kingdom’s. The erstwhile colonial master’s has now become the sixth largest.  But then, that could be the subject for another article.

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