No Shying Away…..this Sharmila. Irom. I Run. I win?

Irom. I Run. I Win
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Julius Caeser famously said, ‘ veni, vedi, vici’ meaning ‘I came, I saw, I conquered’ to communicate how easily he had won a battle.

Irom Sharmila. The name maybe Sharmila (meaning Shy in Hindi). But this lady doesn’t shy away from taking her responsibilies as a citizen.  The iron lady of Manipur has decided to end her 16 years’ fast. She now plans to run for the post of Chief Minister in the 2018 assembly elections for the Manipur Legislature.

16 years ago, Irom  decided to start her fast to protest against the atrocities faced by the common man due to the Armed Forces Special Powers Act in place in Manipur.

If she runs for the CM office, Irom may well win too. Cool Chilli believes the Centre has the opportunity to welcome Irom’s decision and work with the people of Manipur to scale down the scope of the Army in Manipur. Irom already believes in self-determination for the Kashmiri people. The last thing India wants is elements (disgruntled due to their experiences and government apathy) encouraging a revision of the map of India.

We hope Irom, the iron lady of Manipur grows to become the Iron Lady for the Union of India.