Iceland woos desi film-makers. “Warm up romances amidst our volcanoes”

Iceland woos desi film-makers Warm up romances amidst our volcanos
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Iceland woos desi film-makers. “Warm up romances amidst our volcanoes”

Tourism is the biggest foreign exchange earner for Iceland. Iceland, with a population of 330,000 gets about 1.5 million tourists annually. It is well-known for its picturesque landscape,

albeit a little desolate. Indian movie makers have started using the natural beauty of Iceland. The Volcanoes are a particularly unique Icelandic attraction.

In a bid to leverage the beautiful eco-system their country offers for film makers, Iceland officials are busy courting film makers in the country, both in Mumbai as well as the South. One of the more well known films made here was the Shah Rukh Khan – Kajol starrer, Dilwale.


Cool Chilli’s Comments

This post is not about the films but about the natural beauty of Iceland. Also why this land of volcanoes is actually one. The icy friction giving way to fire and chemistry between  the Indian actors as the typical movie progresses towards their union may be artificial. Iceland naturally straddles that part of the globe where the North American plate and the Eurasian plate are sliding away from each other.  This may be a case of the Plates’ Love Story gone sour. But Iceland doesn’t seem to be complaining.


Iceland has 30 volcanic systems, which contribute to more than 30% of the global lava output.

“….The eruption under Eyjafjallajökull (“glacier of Eyjafjöll”) in 2010 was notable because the volcanic ash plume disrupted air travel in northern Europe for several weeks; however this volcano is minor in Icelandic terms. In the past, eruptions of Eyjafjallajökull have been followed by eruption of the larger volcano Katla, but after the 2010 eruption no signs of an imminent eruption of Katla were seen…..” (source Wikipedia)

We have studied about the Latent Heat of Ice in Physics. This lesson in Geography and Geo-physics makes us wonder about this Land of Heat and Ice! Believe 1000 Indians have already visited last year. The numbers will double this year, it is said.

Look forward to heading there soon!

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