Human Citizen’s Mann ki Baat 5 – Is Thy name woman, Sasikala? Not a Reason!

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The Land of Kanyas and Kumaris. Wise and Brave Women as well. – Mrs Vikram (A reader)

Our’s is a land that has produced numerous women warriors and legends.  Rani Velu Nachiyar bravely fought the British and defeated them in 1780. Rani Abbakka fought the Portuguese to protect her town Ullal and thus earned a name Rani Abhaya (fearless). Rudramma Devi, Belwadi Mallama, Kittur Chennamma, Rani Lakshmi Bhai and the list can get endless. We believe every woman is a warrior by herself; she has fought the battle of life in her own unique way not just for herself but for her entire family. We have legends of Goddess Durga also who helped the rid the land around Mysore of Mahisasura.

The Worship-worthy Woman seems Natural and the anamoly….?

With such a rich treasure of history, mythology and legends built into our fabric, there is no wonder this land worships its women. What shocks and surprises the human citizen is, ‘In this land where such women legends have lived and made an example of their lives, how do we have the other rare kind that is tainted’.

  • How do these women become the way they are?
  • Can a person be that hungry for power?
  • Is amassing wealth the only criteria?

Stree‘s Shakthi

The greatest asset of Indian women has been their inner strength. Strength drawn from force of character, adherence to value systems and committment to their family and society. They have always been considered a great moral support, the spine of the family, society and thus the nation. In such a scenario, why is it some elements differ, why do they move away from socially right values? They tear themselves away for all the wrong reasons and somehow get successful in getting their image tarnished.

Turmoil in Tamil Nadu 

Tamilnadu has been witnessing a turbulent scene in the past week and every other sane woman has been critical of this one woman. They felt she has conspired, cheated and looted. The list may get endless. The human citizen in me hates her equally, though I have never met her nor have had any interest to know about her. But with what I have heard and now know, a tainted opinion about her is formed.  She could never be equated to a leader. She may have been a shrewd shadow that outlived the original.


May be this is one reason why almost every woman on the street hates her so much that her imprisonment was celebrated with fervor. If a woman goes down in history as the most hated, it could well be this one.

Why does the human citizen not like her… people branded her as the maid of Amma, is this why they hated her, may not be, may be they hated her because she defines words like , corruption, nepotism, mafia, back channel operator, greed, power lust etc. Not every CD shop owner has such a turn of fate. She practically handled the various government departments and the appointments thereof.

The human citizen in me feels,

  • Can the shadow of any person become the original at all?
  • Not that the original is not tainted, but did the shadow make the taint too pronounced and it was too late for the original to make a correction?
  • Do they fear at all? If so, whom?
  • What urged them to become what they are?
  • Will there ever be a correction in their life?
  • Were they never corrected as kids?
  • If mistakes are not corrected do they lead to this syndrome of cheat, deceit, corruption, mafia, threat, hooliganism, etc etc..

An extract from Purnaanuru

It is sad that Tamil Nadu with its rich history of women of valour and righteous honour should also witness one as Sasikala. The following piece from Nazir Ali’s blog is telling.

May her mind be damned! Fearsome is her daring!
Apt she is to be of the old warrior caste!
In an earlier battle, her father died
killing an elephant.
Her husband died fighting the enemy
stealing the cattle herd in yesterday’s battle.
Today, on hearing the war drum,
her mind dazzled by battle lust,
though she has none except him,
she tells her only son, ‘To the battlefront you go!’
handing him a spear and oiling his tuft of hair
and dressing him all in white! (Purananuru: 279)

Tinai: Vakai Turai: Mutinmullai Poet: Okkur Maasaathiar

“kalthondri mann thondrak kaalethe vallodu munthondri mootha kudi” These old warrior castes were born with their swords even before the stones and soil on the earth. So does the Purapporul Venba Malai heap praises on the antiquity and bravery of these warrior women who, in bravery, were no less than their male counterparts. Though the poem appears to be harsh on the mother who doesn’t spare even her infant son from going to the battle, it is a eulogy of her guts and gumption. Hearing the war drums has a hypnotic effect on her. It also tells us of the old Tamil custom of sounding the drums as a call for sending able-bodied young men to the battle front, not only in compliance of the king’s order but also as an opportunity for the display of heroism.

(…..and here we have a woman who is literally lining her and her family members’ nests by abusing power)  

In Ending 

Dear Elected Representatives, please make a wise and informed decision on who you are backing. After all you define yourself by the support you extend. As the self proclaimed woman leader claimed, “Patience will run out”. So will it for the human citizen. It would be sad if we run out of patience and try to correct the system. Every honest human citizen wishes to be a law abider and keeper of the peace in this country, not a law breaker!