Historic and Stoic. Chennai weathers Cyclone Vardha.

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Cool Chilli’s thoughts on Chennai!


Historic and Stoic. Chennai weathers the Cyclone Vardha.

Cyclone Vardha has come and gone. It has left in its wake a ‘City emerging from the woods’ as a leading daily captioned it. Officials estimate the damage at more than Rs 6,000 Crores. The number of trees that have fallen has been estimated at around 2800. About ten persons have also lost their lives.

All these figures tell a story, no doubt,  of the havoc Nature’s fury can cause. And how much we are helpless though we are able to predict with a reasonable level of accuracy on the effect a particular cycline would have. Tamil Nadu Weatherman, Mr Pradeep John has been a blessing for the people of Chennai as many would vouch for. In this particular case , he had been categorically stating that Cyclone Vardha was to be feared more for the demonic winds rather than the rains. It may be recalled that in November/December, last year, Pradeep had been warning citizens in Chennai about the possibility of a deluge  through heavy rains.   

Cool Chilli’s Comments

Forewarned is not necessarily forearmed, as we don’t have much answer for the situations  Mother Nature presents us with. But what is coming out is the level of Stoicism and resilience that Chennaiites are displaying. People across social strata are coming out and also helping authorities cope with the cyclone or its aftermath. Whether it is strangers on the road helping persons struggling in the rains or winds, or volunteer team clearing the roads of fallen trees, the city is growing in its Stoical stature.

Mothers may come and go into the here after. Little mothers, (Chinammas) may replace them. Other guardians and Grandfathers may also be curious to know how the children cope. It is in the kids’ own interest though, that they grow up and realize that not all ailments may be laid at the administration’s door. Nor all the cures, the Government alone should take ownership for. Other cities have also showcased such maturity during tough times. It is comforting to note that a typically laidback and conservative city like Chennai too is showing us in a small way how Stoic it is. Good that in Chennai we have the gateway to a ‘historical Tamil Nadu’, steeped in Culture and in the ancient. Great that it is also stoical!


  1. […] Cyclone Vardha which struck Chennai a few years earlier, had given enough proof of Nature’s fury. It showcased, how metros with their density of life and infrastructure are particularly vulnerable. Mumbai , India’s premier Metropolis and its financial capital has a GDP rivalling some European economies. Cyclones especially the kind that composed Nisarga are not very common on the Konkan/ Malabar Coast of India. […]