The Government backs General Rawat. Paying pelters back in their own Paise.

pelters, stone, Kashmir, Pakistani, supporters, General, Bipin,,rawat,
General Bipin Rawat image courtesy: The Indian Express
pelters, stone, Kashmir, Pakistani, supporters, General, Bipin,,rawat,
General Bipin Rawat image courtesy: The Indian Express

General Rawat warns Kashmir youth not to support Terrorists

A few days earlier, General Rawat sounded out local Kashmiri youth on the hazards of their supporting insurgents. Rawat was forced to give voice to his concerns after local Kashmiris again helped insurgents escape from Indian Army personnel. He made it clear that the army wouldn’t take kindly any longer to hostile behaviour even if it be from civilians. 

Kashmiri youth typically throw stones and other dangerous missiles at army personnel during the latter’s anti-insurgency operations. Since the army is under pressure (from the Indian Government), not to retaliate against civilians (even in hostile situations), the army personnel become almost helpless. In their efforts to protect themselves , they may lose the chase against the insurgents, who make good their escape.

General’s Comments Stirs the ‘Hornet’s Nest’

The Congress and other parties, particularly the Kashmiri groups leaning (softly or otherwise) towards Pakistan have predictably expressed outrage at the General’s remarks. In their effort to placate the Muslim/pro-Pakistani hardliners (not to be confused with the normal Indian Muslim), they are willing to make cannon fodder of their own army personnel.

The Central Government backs the Army Chief

The Centre has meanwhile issued its official response which supports the General’s  views. This may not have been so spontaneous as it may seem. In fact the BJP Government could as well have been shooting from the General’s shoulder. Be that as it may, it is important that the local youth realize that they need to think of themselves and their own country more seriously.

Cool Chilli’s Comments

Pakistan is that unfortunate neighbour, who may at best not feel envious of his/her neighbour’s happiness. At worst may actually try to leverage the neighbour’s predicament. Sadly it has for long sponsored or abetted insurgents in Kashmir and other parts of India.

The plight of the Army personnel guarding places in Kashmir has to be seen to be believed. Always on tenter hooks. Not knowing when a terrorist’s  bullet or grenade may consume him. Even a stone pelted by a local Kashmiri youth could catch him unawares and leave him blind. Under these circumstances they may also go get neurotic. They can get into depression, shoot themselves or worse go on a rampage inside their own campment.

In some extreme cases, these army guys can also go beserk. As happened that unfortunate night when some soldiers went on a rampage in the two villages of Kunan and Poshpora twenty years ago. Sad, the cookie sometimes crumbles in ways that pierce innocent hearts.

In Ending

How one longs that our borders would need less manning. May peace prevail!  ‘Vasudeva Kutumbakam’ The World Is One Family.

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