France-ly speaking, Google Should ‘Do No Evil’; I Done It – Oars, Ohms, Ores, Adani Soars; ‘Pay Up’ says High Court to Actor Vijay Joseph


Francely Speaking, Google Should ‘Do No Evil’

The Anti-Trust agency in France had penalized Google for 500 Million Euros. This is due to the social media giant’s unwillingness to come to a reasonable deal with publishers of news content. The same content that Google uses in its Google News Service. The Australian government had initially struck a blow for original publishers with their progressive legislation that made it mandatory for social media companies to compensate creators/ publishers for using their content. The Thunder Down Under has resonated in other countries too, especially the European Union. Google on its part has expressed disappointment that its efforts to strike a deal have not been recognized enough. Maybe a little SEO  (Soul-searching Enterprise Optimization) may just do the trick for Google.

I Done It – Oars, Ohms, Ores, Soars… Adani

A firm that began as a commodity trading entity and got into port management in 1995 with the Mundra port, has come a long way. Getting into power generation and mining seemed very logicoal considering the regular import of coal for power generation. Adani may be Gautam, but doesn’t believe in Contentment like the Buddha. Being the largest private sector multi-port operator maybe just starters. Managing airports may be the main course. India is slated to be the third largest aviation market in a few years. With six Indian airports’ management already under Adani, the ability/ instrument to manage and build airports in Mumbai (new airport to come in Navi Mumbai) must be the piece de resistance that Adani had been planning for long. Adani may have seen some wind resistance too on his flight away from his father’s textile business. But, by and large, his ability to catch a tailwind that propels him ahead, seems straight from a Scheherazade winding tale.        

‘Pay Up’, Says HC to Joseph      

The High Court of Madras has levied a fine of Rs 1 Lakh on Joseph Vijay more famously known as  Actor Vijay in Tamil films. He had requested for exemption from paying duties on a super luxury Rolls Royce car valued at Rs. 6 Crores (Rs 60 Million). The Honourable Court took the view that ‘Reel  Heroes ought to be role models in Real Life too’.

No Real Hero – Reeling Under Burden of Rolls Roller Tax

On his Wiki page, one of the entries is Joseph Vijay’s participation in a 2008 TN Government project to prevent kids from dropping out of school. The program had been called ‘Herova? Zerova?’   (Are you a Hero or a Zero?). Wonder if the Judge also asked him likewise. Questions are increasingly raised on saleability of a Celebrity on moral/ ethical grounds. Those in the public eye cannot afford being seen in the wrong light. A decade or two ago, he may still have got away with it and maybe even conferred with The Bharat Ratna in due course.