Flee-ing the Battle of Bank-loans…..For the beaches of Britain


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All and Sundry have been caught flailing their hands and bemoaning the departure of the Kingfisher to more comfortable climes. Whether there will be a return flight, time will tell. In the meanwhile, the lovers of this species who have patronized (or been patronized by) the Kingfisher will click their tongue for the media.

Public memory is short. Sooner than later, the hapless farmers who continue to toil to provide for our dinning tables will face more heat. After all, the lenders will have to publicly showcase that not all the money lent has vanished. The ‘perfumed’ Kingfisher may not be available to answer for all the good times amidst the bankruptcy, but atleast the farmers are very much there….. and in plenty. No need to protect these rooted peasants.
Such privileges are the prerogative of promoters, whether plumed or otherwise.

Jai Jawan , Jai Kisan !