Edappadi Palaniswamy announces drought aid for Farmers in arid Tamil Nadu.



Proxy Palani curries the Farmers’ Favour after Wooing Womenfolk

Aid for farmers in Arid Tamil Nadu? A day after trying to smoothen ruffled feminine feathers, Proxy Palaniswamy has announced a package of Rs 2247 Crores to help Tamil Nadu ryots struggling with drought. Rs 2247 Crores is no small amount and it works out to an average of Rs 7000 per farmer (spread over 32 Lakh farmers). 

Amounts are arrived at on a per acre basis segmentation by crop type (for eg. Crop growing under irrigation, sericulture farmers, fruits/vegetable growers etc). The government has said that poor rains have affected more than 13,000 out of the 16,000 odd revenue villages. Thus, this move is very much necessary to bring some relief.

Will these welfare measures wash away all the bitterness lingering in the voter’s mouth?  Is Mr Palanisamy trying to begin well as Chief Minister? As my good friend Iqbal says, “900 chuhe khake billi haj ko chali” 

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