DMK to move motion of No Confidence against TN Assembly Speaker Dhanapal. Vocal Chord not playing the Voter’s Card ?

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Motion to Move Speaker Out! Vocal Chord not playing the Voter’s Card ? 

Motion to move out the Speaker. Seriously?

In an unprecedented act in Tamil Nadu, the DMK will be initiating a motion to express No Confidence in the Assembly Speaker, Mr Dhanapal.  Do the majority of MLAs believe he has acted more as a DhalaPal (protector of a particular ‘dal/dalam/party’)? It could get passed then. This important position typically is filled by the Party in power and hence the his nomination is typically unchallenged. But he or she is expected to be neutral in thought and deed.

Obviously the ruling party will not wish to have someone who is a pushover.  But the Speaker is normally someone who enjoys the trust of most members. Having a person whom the main opposition party (DMK) doesn’t have confidence in, does not augur well.   

Even if the motion doesn’t succeed, many citizens feel the Speaker’s August Office has failed. Failed to recognize the wish and will of the people of Tamil Nadu. Passing or Failing this motion may just be incidental after falling in the public’s eye.

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