IMD forecats dim? Maintenance of stations under weather.
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Dim IMD forecasts? Maintenance of stations under the weather.

The Indian Meterological Department (IMD) spent about Rs 1000 Crores (Rs 10 Billion) in 2012, on upgrading the infrastructure to relay hourly updates on weather data points. But due to poor upkeep at the stations housing the sensitive assets, about a quarter of the equipments don’t function well.

Why is the IMD letting these assets wither? Whether immediate or in a measured timeframe, steps are needed to cover these assets under proper maintenance. Else cloud covers, scorching sun,  stealthy storms, et al may take us by surprise.

Cool Chilli’s take is that, in these uncertain times, let us try to be wiser about the weather at least, whether pleasant or otherwise. IMD officials’ work and our lives depend on that, anyway.

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