Dhoni, India’s Captain Cool steps down. ‘Angry’ young man, Virat Kohli takes over.

captain , cool , MSD, Dhoni, hands, over, baton, Virat , kohli, takes, over,
Image courtesy: topnews.in
captain , cool , MSD, Dhoni, hands, over, baton, Virat , kohli, takes, over,
Image courtesy: topnews.in

Dhoni, the ‘CAPTAIN COOL’ Hands over the Baton to Virat Kohli – Netra Venkat

Virat Kohli fans are very thrilled. Dhoni fans who await their captain cool to lead Team India may be a tad sad.  MSD decided to be just the cool guy and not the ‘captain’ Cool on 4th Jan, 2017 by announcing his stepping down from captaincy in ODIs and T20 cricket.

Helicopter Shots and Himalayan Statistics

Dhoni has captained India in 331 matches, the most by any player across formats. He has gone past Ricky Ponting’s tally of 324 matches as a captain. He is also the only captain to lead an international team in 50 or more matches in each format.

Dhoni won 110 ODI matches as a captain, which is the second most by any player. Also has won 41 T20s as a captain, which is the most by any player. He led India in 72 T20s, which is also the most by a captain.

Dhoni hit 126 sixes as a captain in ODIs in his career, which is the most by any captain in ODIs. He went past Ponting’s tally of 123 sixes in ODIs as a captain at Mohali against New Zealand in his last series as captain.

Moreover, he is the only captain to win all three major ICC limited-over tournaments. Under the leadership of Dhoni, India has won the 2007 World T20, the 2011 ODI World Cup and the 2013 Champions Trophy.

Rumours about the Stepping Down

There were speculations that the Chief selector of the Indian cricket team M.S.K. Prasad played a part in the iconic player’s (MSD’s) decision to step down from captaincy. However the former has denied this and requested that no false rumor be spread on this issue.

This announcement was supported as well as criticized. The decision was wholeheartedly given a ‘thumbs up’ by administrators and experts of the game. They opined it was time for the younger generation to take over and be led by test captain Virat Kohli. There has been critics too. They have argued that Dhoni ought to have retired completely rather than just stepping down from captaincy.

India’s Captaincy – From Cool to Kohli

Dhoni fans were quite upset with Virat Kohli due to the latter’s silence over Dhoni’s announcement. But were overjoyed when Virat ‘twitted’ that MSD would always remain a captain to him. Kohli has also aknowledged Dhoni’s critical support in his career when he had been going through rough patches.

Virat Kohli has a staggering record of winning 14 of the 17 ODIs as a captain (when MSD was unavailable and injured) and a winning percentage of 82.35. Virat has begun well by playing a captain’s knock in the first ODI against England at Pune on 15th January. It would be interesting to see Captain Virat continue playing side by side with ‘his’ captain Dhoni in the ODIs against England.

(Netra is a Student of M.O.P. Vaishnav College, Chennai and is interested in Sports, Films and Music)