Human citizen’s Mann ki baat 3. Green card holders, the ration shop and our PDS. How uncivil?


The Ration Shop and the PDS – The Green Card Holders and the White!  – Mrs Vikram ( a reader)

The PDS outlet more popular as the Ration shop is the place to go for Grocery items (like sugar, pulses, rice and oil) for the human citizen. In the past the ration card was in just one colour. In recent years, they come in two colours, green and white. A ‘green card’ holder can purchase rice and other essential commodities at a subsidized rate including kerosene. With a white card, two options are possible. The card holder can buy only sugar at a subsidized rate or opt for a no commodity white card (this is issued for citizens who do not want any commodity from the Public Distribution System).

Efforts to Monitor Distribution and Curb Malpractices

Governments at the State and Central level have in principle may have understood the malpractices in the system and thus may have taken the necessary steps. GPS enabled devices to monitor flow of material to various points of storage, GPS enabled machines to bill and track the items disbursed to the card holders etc. SMS were to be sent to the card holders to communicate the arrival of stock and stock level of items at their respective shops. All these sound very good. But looks like the implementation on the ground is either poor or manipulated.     watch full The Wolf of Wall Street film

There is also a ‘newer’ move to link the Aadhar Smart Card to the Ration Card. This is good if the implementation is done well with proper monitoring. Better if regular validation and attempts to manipulate are immediately nixed.

The Ration Shop vends Despair despite raising Hopes

Once the above mentioned exercises were announced, the green card holders felt very thrilled. They felt their supply will reach them on time and also had updated themselves about the smart ration card. The new system of receiving a SMS for the supply purchased assured the human citizen that PDS will follow best practices…more importantly, the card holder’s necessities will follow him or her home.

The Food minister, Shri.R.Kamaraj, quotes that 1.90 crore of the 2.03 crore ration cards were registered digitally ( as of 3 Jan, 2017.

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This Green Card Irks the Indian

What irks the green card human citizen is that
• The supposed ration supply for the past few months has not been supplied at all.
• Is the situation same across all PDS shops or only in my area.
• Though the supply had been erratic in the past, there was at least something being distributed.
• This year the Pongal Season (Harvest festival in TN and the first festival among the human citizens) greeted Green Card aspirants with empty hands. They had nothing much to give other than rice, jaggery and some more meager supply.

Malpractices Continue in the PDS

The human citizen’s question is
• What happened to the INR.100 that we received in the past few years until last year under Amma’s rule? Has the government itself discontinued the scheme? Hope this too is not linked to demonetization….
• What happened to the sari and dhoti all the green card holders were supposed to receive? Did all of them receive? While a few received, what about the unlucky rest …..if they didn’t receive, where are their saris and dhotis?
• What is the assurance that the other items will not go the way of these ‘re-routed’ Saris and Dhotis? 

Did not the government implement a tracker system to track the entire PDS supply system? Our Central government and the state government are putting in their best efforts to reach the supply to the human citizen, but the malpractices which have become endemic in the PDS frustrate the human citizen.

Calorific Value – The PDS way to burn the little fat sticking to the bones  

The numerous walks up and down the ration shop frustrates the human citizen. Taking a walk to burn calories is completely different from taking a walk to help build calories not just for the self but for the entire family.

The human citizen wishes to question my elected Representative…
• I, the average human citizen have not submitted any form to give up my subsidy nor do I own the no commodity white card…
• When I still hold the green card, where is all my food supply? Does not my elected Representative need to provide me food security?  By providing me the supply that I am entitled to?
• How many more times should the human citizen walk up and down burning the saved and stored calories, in acute hunger to refill the grocery in my home so that I have one meal…..I, the human citizen am not asking for 5 small meals as recommended by many dietitians…. I am demanding for my one proper meal….will I get it?

The Elected Representative  – Does He or She Ever Stand at a Ration Shop?

Elected Representatives, have you not spoken about food security and subsidy when you met the human citizen in his or her constituency…after all is food not a basic need for all humans alike??

For every human citizen to understand better about our PDS system please visit , 

The Looting of India’s Ration Shops

We thank Mrs Vikram for her continuing posts through the Citizen’s Man Ki Baat series.

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