Trust – Charred a lot! Who will wake US up?

Trust: Charred a lot! Who will wake US up?
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Trust: Charred a lot! Who will wake US up?
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Trust – Charred a lot! Who will wake US up?

It is with great sadness and disappointment that one reads news about the turmoil in American towns. The protests in the North Carolina city of Charlotte is very disturbing, but

also not very surprising. Strife caused by lack of trust. Lack of trust among Blacks. Blacks feel that they are unequal citizens in a country which they were forcefully brought into years ago. Victims (leading to deaths) in most cases of police firing happen to be blacks. Videos of police brutalities on black citizens also don’t generate positive mileage.

The First Step Is To Wake Up To Reality

One off cases may happen as sheer coincidence. But the law of probabilities deny the American Police officials of this cover. Blacks are a minority. As such, the percentage of blacks being accidentally killed by ‘un-prejudiced’ police personnel ought to be much smaller compared to the whites killed.

But it is shocking to note that ‘trigger happy’ police personnel or cops under pressure on the street, manage to pump bullets into Blacks four times more often than into Whites. When the percentage of Whites on the street would be about four times more than the Blacks. Surely very strange, if one still insists the Police were above prejudice.

Here we are not referring to the percentage of Blacks in prison as compared to Whites. Percentages with respect to the general population. Percentages of Blacks in prision relative to the general population may still be higher than similar ration for Whites in prison. Reasons are fairly obvious. Reasons like, lesser balanced family life, lesser education, lesser role models, lesser opportunities etc. It is a vicious cycle and Catch-22 situation for the Blacks in the US as with underprivileged communities, globally.

Trust charred a lot. who will wake US up
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Cool Chilli’s Comments

The members of the NewsTikka team has grown up reading and learning about the world’s most powerful country. The hope of thousands of refugees, the beacon of liberty in a world, often in danger from various quarters. The stories about Abraham Lincoln’s character coupled with his fight to abolish slavery and emancipate the Blacks triggered hero-worship of the Honest Abe since one’s early teens.

We have also grown up reading US trying to chastise others around the world. Notably India on the various communal riots which have happened in this part of the world. Atleast in India there is a history of invasions and forced conversions by Muslim rulers a few of whom were tyrants. The Whites in the US on the contrary, brought the Blacks as slaves through connivance of African rulers.

One can only say that kids fighting each other in school is still tolerable (if not completely acceptable). But the officials at school routinely picking on a set of kids surely would make us question a lot of things. It is almost as if (rhetorically speaking) Ku Klux Klan members have infiltrated the American Police Forces. But right-meaning authorities with best intentions still seem ‘klueless’ about what to do. Learning happens when we drop our ego and are receptive to ideas, irrespective of their source. Maybe the US can still a few things on communal harmony from India, the latter’s warts notwithstanding.

Time anyway, for US to wake and do some soul searching!

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