‘Say No, Ceylon, to Sino Loans & Projects’ – Rising Sino levels, a fiscal threat for Sri Lanka


‘Say No, Ceylon, to Sino Loans & Projects’ – Rising Sino levels, a fiscal threat for Sri Lanka

Workers seen in Chinese Military clothing dredging the waters off the coast have raised alarm bells among right-thinking citizens of Ceylon (Sri Lanka). The current Sri Lankan dispensation is less pro-India and it came to power on its more jingoistic stance, having wiped out the LTTE in its last stint. Key elements in the Sri Lankan administration are also believed to be close to Chinese Businessmen.

Technically, both wearing military uniform (by non-military personnel) and dredging (without permits from the Archeology Department) are offences in Sri Lanka. But China and the Chinese are an exception.The increasing number of infrastructure projects in Sri Lanka being awarded to China or Chinese companies only makes one fear the worst! At $85 Billion, Ceylon’s GDP is more than double that of Nepal’s. But less than one third that of Pakistan’s. And Pakistan is going the vassal state way. So Long, Ceylon. Global Warming and subsequent rising sea levels may not be a very proximate physical threat for an island like Ceylon. But a fiscal one being brewed right at home may not be so.     

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Sitaram Et, Tu.. Sorry?

Even Rahul Gandhi, Sonia Gandhi and the Congress (collaborators of the CCP) have officially kept mum about the CCP’s centenary celebrations. The last vestiges of propriety clinging to the party and its key shareholders may slip away, before they say 生日快乐 (shēng rì kuài lè or Happy Birthday). But the CPM(Marxist) stalwart has in his wisdom, no other raison d’etre, other than ingratiate himself with the guys who have long thrown Marxism into the Yechury, sorry estuary. A brain down the dragon’s drain. (Yechury had once stood first at All-India level CBSE examinations and enrolled for a Ph.D. in Economics before he was arrested under the Emergency Rule ).

No Man Above His Mom or Mrs.

It may have been a comment, not intended that way, but may have come out wrong. The much savvier Sunny found himself with his foot in his mouth a few months ago ‘Kohli-ng’ out some reason for Virat’s bad batting. The way the brain connects ideas is really strange (interesting no doubt). Sometimes there could be a cross-connection and we may end up with a wrong turn of phrase. In a live show it may not always be possible to erase/ edit the fall-out. We may at best apologize if we realize the faux paus. Else just grin and bear the brick-bats that follow.   

Rustic Straightness Welcome, Not Sexist Statements       

Dinesh Karthik began his new avatar fairly well, his rustic straightness appealing to the audience. The savvy wicket-keeper – batsman – commentator recently found himself on a sticky wicket. Being straight and rustic is fine, but surely not ‘sexist’. He has now graciously apologized, but (one guesses) not before a dressing down by the women in his life, the mother and the wife. When there is no mistrust with these two, life’s a breeze