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Sabarimala – The Supreme Court opens (for women), The Supreme’s Court

In a Landmark judgement, the Supreme Court has ruled that all women (irrespective of their age and thereby their fertility status) may enter the Lord Ayyappa Temple at Sabarimala, Kerala.

“All is Fair in Talc, Come On”, says J&J. Reuters retorts, “They...

Johnson & Johnson wins Fortune World's Most Admired Company recognition even as it continues in the eye of a storm Over the past few weeks, the media has been rife with reports of...
Pluralism in India, Plural-Islam in India!

Pluralism and Plural-Islam in India! UCC, Under ConstruCtion?

Pluralism and Plural-Islam in India! UCC, Under ConstruCtion?   It is now AD 2100 and things are a lot different. Bharat Varsh The Indian sub-continent is one free trade, economic and political bloc called Bharat Varsh.  Bharat Varsh is...
Braveheart Gohil says Go Hit your mark to daughter

Nil Mani, but Braveheart Gohil says, “Go Hit….”

Nil Money, but Braveheart Manilal Gohil says, "Go Hit your mark" to daughter. Auto driver Mr. Manilal Gohil had saved Five Lakh Rupees for his daughter Mittal's marriage. But Mittal was interested in pursuing Shooting more...
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Madras Mother’s Mortal Remains Moor at Mentor MGR’s Memorial at Marina

Madras Mother's Mortal Remains Moor at Mentor MGR's Memorial at Marina J Jayalalithaa,  the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, has been buried on the Marina. The burial space is within the memorial built for her mentor Mr MG...
Sanjay, be a Sport, Man!

Sanjay, be a Sport, Man!

Sanjay, be a Sport, Man! To an observer it would seem the unlikeliest of discord between two individuals.  The only similarity is that both of them are sports persons and represented India too. It began with...
Triple Talaaq, a travesty of tradition

Triple Talaaq, ‘a travesty of tradition’?

I photo courtesy: change.org Triple Talaaq, 'a travesty of tradition'? Triple Talaaq has stirred deep debates in the corridors of power. The Supreme Court has asked the Government to respond on the a few points of Muslim Personal...
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Best Baked Creatively …… Of Rani Padmini and Bilkis Bano

Best Baked Creatively ......Of Rani Padminis and Bilkis Banos   A hundred years he suffered  A writer's block can be stifling A pal then said "Try Psy" ....Psyllium Husk And Lie-a-cut Khan found life worth living.   In relief the Khan got...
Hillary declares War on Trump with her Eliza-'bet'

Hillary could declare War on Trump with her Eliza-‘bet’

photo courtesy: forward.com The choice of her running mate would obviously be a strategic tipping point in Clinton’s  Presidential Race with Donald Trump. Hillary Clinton in weighing her options carefully. Elizabeth Warren’s ability to ‘get under...