Saturday, May 21, 2022

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Manster – this animal needs to evolve! Pregnant Elephant killed with crackers inside...

The anagram of Animals is Man Ails. What has happened in Kerala is another manifestation of this ailment.
Amid Adams, when Eves prosper, Society gets Pink in health, becomes Eden.

Eden gets Pink in health when Eves prosper Amid Adams!

It is a wonderful coincidence that this post on Pink coincides with the onset of Durga Asthami. Pink is not in the red Pink, the movie co-produced by Shoojit Sircar and directed by Aniruddha Roy Chowdhury seems to...
Iceland woos desi film-makers Warm up romances amidst our volcanos

Iceland woos desi film-makers. “Warm up romances amidst our volcanoes”

Iceland woos desi film-makers. "Warm up romances amidst our volcanoes" Tourism is the biggest foreign exchange earner for Iceland. Iceland, with a population of 330,000 gets about 1.5 million tourists annually. It is well-known for...
Floute and Pollute, Green Bill, We dilute,

Code Orange? Flout and Pollute! Green Bill, we will Dilute!

courtesy: The Times of India The Modi Government is understandably under pressure to show improved economic metrics. It has three more years before the next General Elections. The first two years (for various reasons which maybe beyond the BJP government’s...
The fungibility of fungi

Fungi way to Recycle?

Fungi way to Recycle? Researchers are finding remarkable ways to leverage properties of natural organisms like bacteria and fungi to solve problems before Man. Some could make a tongue-in-cheek remark that the latter three lettered...
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Historic and Stoic. Chennai weathers Cyclone Vardha.

  Historic and Stoic. Chennai weathers the Cyclone Vardha. Cyclone Vardha has come and gone. It has left in its wake a 'City emerging from the woods' as a leading daily captioned it. Officials estimate the...
cauvery how very sad your water stokes fire

Cauvery, How Very sad! your water fuels fires!

Cauvery, How Very sad; your water fuels fires! The issue is not about water. The issue is never about any particular asset to be shared. It is never about the what. It is often, who we wish...

Joker may be one of the Three Aces today, WomenBuildOn, Harleen’s Leap

The dJokor is on the verge of becoming one of the three aces in Men's tennis. This is at least in terms of the 20 Grand Slam wins, his key contemporaries are currently on. In terms of future potential, he looks surely to do more than the ageing Federer or the less ageing (but more injury prone) Nadal. But today's final will be NoVak in the park for him. He still has to get better at it than Berrettini. Else it may be Game, Set & Matteo.
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Making Mountains, Creating Clouds, Defying Des-er-tiny!

photo courtesy: abudhabi2.com In the Mahabharatha, Krishna saves his community from incessant rains by taking refuge of the Gowardhana mountain. Now, the United Arab Emirates seeks remedy from the aridness by creating a mountain. The...
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Water, Water, Everywhere…..On the Brink of a Crisis!

  Water Water Everywhere... (This write-up is about the water crisis looming large in the Southern Indian State of Tamil Nadu. Water is a vast subject with multiple ramifications and hence there is much that is/could be...