Wednesday, July 15, 2020


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Loathesome act at Olathe, Kansas. Native kills Indian. Trumpest rages.

 Loathesome act at Olathe, Kansas. Sridhar Kuchibhotla was shot dead and his friend Alok Madasani was injured by an gunman Adam Purinton in a bar. An American Ian Grillot who tried to stop the assailant...
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Modi asks Trump to reconsider H-1B and L1 Visa ban. Indians contribute to US...

  Prime Minister Modi issues statement on H-1B and L1 Visa The Trump administration had some time back put a hold on H-1B Visas and L1 Visa for foreign nationals seeking to work in the US. This...
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2017 awaits. Best Wishes – May Love, Learning and Joy Fill our Lives

Best Wishes for 2017 The Team
Market opens for Alibaba backed 'Paytm'

Market opens for Alibaba backed ‘Paytm’

Market opens for Alibaba backed 'Paytm' The magic words used to open the cave with treasures hidden inside were 'Open Sesame' or 'Khul ja Sim Sim'. In the Story of Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves, Ali...
To CuBe or not to cuBe

To cuBe or not to cuBe

Rubik's Cubic Conundrum
Her e-mails may recall Hillary

e-mails may recall Hillary from the steps of the White House?

Sadly for the Democrats, the shadow of the e-mail scam looms large for  Hillary. The toss up may be between two critical segments that is, the WASP male and the American woman. The WASP (White Anglo Saxon Protestant)...
sitting on Judges names no way to reform Judiciary

Sitting on judges’ names no way to hatch Judicial Reforms

Sitting on names no way to hatch Judicial Reforms The Supreme Court has warned the Prime Minister's Office (PMO) that the SC could hold the PMO liable for contempt of court. The reason for the SC's...