Sunday, November 29, 2020

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Paytm Vs PayPal : Seeing Red in the Blue of ‘Cashless’ Competition

  Being Blatantly Blue and Colour Confusions A TM (TradeMark) has no Pals. Pay please PayPal is Seeing Red and has filed a complaint with the Trademark office. This was in  response to Paytm's advertisement four months ago...
To CuBe or not to cuBe

To cuBe or not to cuBe

Rubik's Cubic Conundrum
Rubik's Cubic Conundrum. Can the Cube give shape to a Trademark?

Rubik’s Cubic Conundrum. Can the Cube give shape to a Trademark?

Rubik's Cubic Conundrum Rubik's Cube is the world's largest selling toy of all time. Prof Erno Rubik as Professor of Architecture wished to give a task for his students and invented the cube in 1974....

Brook Bonds Burka and Bindi with Tea

Brook Bonds Burka and Bindi with Tea The Stable: Uniliver's Brook Bond range of beverages Brand: Red Label Tea Medium: Television Commercial, You Tube Story Board: A middle aged couple arrive  at their locked apartment and find the keys...
Leather Genuine but is the brand for MCPs

Leather Genuine, fine. But is the Licoshoes Brand for ‘MCPs’?

The Ad for Shoes in the leading daily The ad appeared in the Sunday 'lifestyle' supplement (9th October 2016) of one of the leading dailies in India. The sort of supplement which has long ago...