Jair Bolsonaro fires health official over VaccSin


Jair trying to appear Fair

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro is already under fire on a few counts. He had to appear to be righteous, even if the common man wishes he were more ‘left’. Environmentalists have been wishing he had left the Amazon forest and its indigenous tribes alone. With one swift move, he had months back scripted a new lease for those with machinery and/ or missionary machinations. The sole surviving lung of the world surely did not need this in COVID times.

Brazen in Brazil – Le Greed over Needle 

Speaking about COVID, the latest scandal to lay siege to Jair Bolsonaro’s chequered reign is that of his health official/s soliciting kickbacks for vaccine deals. A whistle-blower had already warned the President a few months ago, with no action taken. Two events in the last few days prove there was some merit in blowing the whistle. The official being fired over the deal with Astra Zeneca. Another deal with the Indian maker, Bharat Biotech has been put on hold. The Covaxin maker may plead innocence, but there is urgent need to improve transparency and ensure win-win. Made in India is increasingly a badge of quality and dealings with Indian firms should also be seen likewise. Suspicion of VaccSin is the last thing vaccine diplomacy needs. Pharmas need to weed this out.

Cosbyually freed from ‘#MeToo’ conviction

In a strange case of truth being turned on its head by legalese, Pennsylvania’s highest court has overturned famous comedian Bill Cosby’s conviction. The justification for the release is a non-prosecution deal he had struck with a previous District Attorney, Bruce Castor. It only goes to prove it may be elementary and judicious for all systems, whether alimentary or judicial, to use purgatives, Castor oil or alternatives. Else remains of meals and deals past, may raise a stink.