Bangalore burns but ‘Sit Araam and Sigh ah’!

Bangalore burns but 'Sit Araam and Sigh ah'!
Bangalore burns but 'Sit Araam and Sigh ah'!

Bangalore burns but  ‘Sit Araam and Sigh ah’!

Political motivation or intellectual poverty can stir human passions. They can move people to great lengths, even as noble causes sometimes languish for want of attention.

We see some non-descript Tamil outfit being a nuisance at a Chennai restaurant in the wee

hours on Monday. They may have woken up early and decided to begin the auspicious early hours (Brahma Muhurtham) by flinging a few petrol bombs into the restaurant. Any provocation? In their reasoning, yes. The restaurant belonged to a Kannadiga. The previous day, a Tamil speaking person had been harassed/assaulted in Bangalore due to the Cauvery water issue. These rowdies may have believed that damaging a Kannadiga’s property in Chennai for the misbehaviour of a few ‘Kannadigas’ across the border would be par for the course. ‘Intellectual Poverty’ Wrongs don’t set anything right!

In response to the incident in Chennai very early on Monday, various elements took to the streets in Bangalore on Monday and Tuesday. Some elements harassed and/or assaulted Tamil speaking citizens and also set vehicles with TN registration numbers on fire.

Law and Order- State ‘Suspect’?

The Constitution provides that Law and Order is a State Subject as compared to Foreign Affairs, which is a Central one. One would suspect Karnataka and its managers of being subjective and emotive, when the iron hand of the government needed to be firm.  The ruling ‘party’ could have ensured implementation of the Supreme Court verdict. But it dragged its feet, hummed and hawed. The idea may have been to deny the opposition an opportunity to appropriate political mileage.

Cool Chilli’s Comments

The NewsTikka  team and its Readers may wonder whether the Karnataka CM could have done much better. Letting a major part of two days go waste sounds absurd. The waste being not just in loss of manpower productivity, due to late or no attendance. Waste also due to the damage caused to public and private property. Damage also to Brand Bangalore as a symbol of a resurgent India.

Nero a despot, was accused of fiddling as Rome burned and from being a feared tyrant,  this Roman Emperor killed himself to escape public pressure. Mr. Siddaramaiah and Karnataka are definitely far removed from Nero and ancient Rome. Bangalore is no Rome and Mr. Siddaramaiah, surely no autocratic Caesar. The Karnataka CM also has a relatively clean image and some stature. The one ‘aberration’ is the Rupees 50 lakh Hublot wrist-watch, which he had ‘flaunted’ a few months back.

3After the flak he took, Mr Siddaramaiah is reported to have suggested that the ‘watch’ was a gift. Also, that he planned to sell the same and give the proceeds to charity. We may never know if the watch is still with him. Nor if he had fiddled with it when Bangalore was burning. If the watch is legally and ethically his, the CM has every right to fiddle with it as his heart pleases. However letting thugs meddle with India’s Silicon Valley under his watch is not what he would like to be ‘called time’ for.

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