Aur Bhi Hain Urjit the Chosen One to Govern RBI after Ram returns to Academia
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Aur Bhi Hain? (any one else? in Hindi)…Urjit, the Chosen one to Govern RBI after Ram returns to Academia

The call has been taken by the powers that be. It is Urjit Patel, Raghuram Rajan’s deputy who will replace the latter. Our guess is that it is a vindication of Raghuram Rajan’s policies that the Indian Government has chosen the person who is most likely to continue on lines similar to his predecessor’s.

As Cool Chilli writes this, the News Tikka team also receives a reader’s message which makes one chuckle.   “…..the Patels of Gujarat wanted the Government to reserve seats for them…now a Patel gets to Govern the Reserve Bank of India…”

Continuing on this lighter note, can we imagine the myriad ways the BJP may leverage this to woo the Patel community in the coming assembly elections in Gujarat. News Tikka team welcomes our readers to share their thoughts and comments on the same.





  1. These are tell-tale signs that there is Mo to the Patels than running Motels. As Patel runs RBI, Rajan will have more to tell about his assignment in India. Perhaps, sit in a motel in US and write tell-all book with some hot and cool chillies !