Apple shares fruits of labour equally between Adams and Eves.

Apple shares fruits of labour equally between Adams and Eves,
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The technology major, Apple claimed that in the US market atleast its male and female employees were paid equally for comparable work and performance. It also announced its efforts to make this a global reality. After from encouraging gender equality, it was also committed to racial diversity, it averred.

The immediate Apple report may be to proactively assuage policy makers in light of the US Presidential Elections where equal pay is a key topic.  This is also in line with many sensitive and enlightened corporations world wide (whether American/European/Asian) that seek to encourage more diversity in gender and racial composition of its work force.

Imagine slowly the pressure on the Church to also similarly fine-tune the traditional representations of Christian imagery. All of us have been used to Adam, Eve and Jesus Christ portrayed with White Anglo-Saxon looks. If we go by modern science, mankind evolved out of Africa and even the layman knows the Middle East is the Cradle of Christianity. In which case, the former couple ought to have more ‘negroid’ features and the Son of God, more middle-eastern.  If not for political correctness, as in the case of the Apples and Accentures, even for historical or anthropological accuracy, pressure may build on the Church to re-define its ‘artifacts’. But in view of 1) the decreasing attendance at Sunday Parishes in the West and 2) the potential market for ‘souls to be delivered’ in emerging markets, the Church may not be able to change. Stuck, if Cool Chilli may say so, between the devil and the deep sea…. the Devil of Marketing Logic and the deep sea of Correctness!


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