About plaits of plaintiffs. Child Rights Commission ask schools not to violate girls rights
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About plaits of plaintiffs. Child Rights Commission excuses a plait-free pate for girls

What had been de rigueur for us a few years back has become matter for seeking official recourse.

School girls who had been forced to tie their wet (freshly washed) hair in plaits and run the risk of them smelling, had approached the Kerala State Child Rights Commission to intervene. The Commission has agreed with the Plaintiffs that the time taken for the girls’ hair to dry dissuaded them from washing it in the first place. This created more health issues due to lack of hygiene.

The Commission has now allowed girl students to dress their hair without any compulsion for having to plait them. The school authorities’ fear that girls may literally let their hair loose, may be genuine. For all the inconvenience faced by the kids due to their wet hair, the discipline of a properly dressed hair is definitely not to be over-looked. But School authorities may do well to note that girls are increasingly getting liberated and looking for ways to express their freedom. Keeping this issue of plaits on the table still unresolved,  helps none.

Thankfully the Commission has seen some merit in a plait free pate for students under pressure to get ready for school each morning. In Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland, a cantankerous Queen said “Off with her head” referring to the little girl Alice. But the generous Commission has come to the rescue of all our Alices, saying “off with those plaits”.

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