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New Chief Justice says, ‘Run for Jan’. We say ‘Way to Go, guy “

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Run for Jan! Way to Go, Guy

His Lordship, the new Chief Justice of India, Shri Ranjan Gogoi has struck a blow for the masses (Jan in Hindi). He has done away with the practice of ‘mentioning’ in The Supreme Court.

Parameters will be set in due course for deciding exceptions. In most of these ‘mentionings’,  highly paid Senior Advocates ‘jump the queue’ and present their matters. This practice laughs in the face of equitable justice. With a huge number of cases pending before Indian courts, matters already take inordinate time to see the light of day, not to say, Justice.

We hope the new Chief Justice’s decision is an indication of more equitable things to come. Augurs well for the masses.  Lordship, May the Force be with you.  

And Tony applauds, “Gut there is India”

NT -02Oct2018- And Tony applauds, Good, There is India

Mr. Antonio Guterres, the Secretary-General of the United Nations has lauded India’s multilateralism,
efforts for World Peace and its Leadership on Sustainability Initiatives. “Good, there is India”, he says.
Mr Guterres is on his maiden visit to India, coinciding with the 150th Anniversary celebrations of Gandhiji’s birth

Sabarimala – The Supreme Court opens (for women), The Supreme’s Court

Sabarimala - The Supreme Court opens for women The Supreme's Court

In a Landmark judgement, the Supreme Court has ruled that all women (irrespective of their age and thereby their fertility status) may enter the Lord Ayyappa Temple at Sabarimala, Kerala.

Justice Indu Malhotra, the sole woman on the five member Judicial Bench  was notably the only judge to feel that the centuries old practice was best left unhindered. The other judges (all male), in the earnest spirit of Judicial Activism  that is currently pervading the air, had decided that women are best given access to the Divine Celibate. The thought, many probably fear is beastial, but the Celestial may have reasons for guiding the Judiciary thus.

No Exodus expected from Female devotees

It is not as if a particular community had been barred from the village well and forced to walk miles for their daily water needs.  There are several Ayyappa temples across the Country. Only the Sabarimala Temple in Kerala forbids women in the fertile age group from visiting. Like there are some temples reserved only for women, where  men are forbidden from entering.  It does not require much imagination to believe that no genuinely devout Hindu woman would really wish to break a centuries old tradition and catch the next flight/ train/ bus/ taxi to Sabarimala. She would continue to pray to Ayyappa, but not wish to disturb Him at Sabarimala. 

Security for ‘Hunter-walis’, an Oxymoron?

A lot of tax-payer money (Courts’ cost in all terms) has gone into something which will not really add much to social development. Instead of the Kerala government investing scarce resources for the multitudes of male pilgrims who throng the temple, they will now be forced to develop amenities including adequate security for the ‘Hunter-wali’  kind of women (refer above para) who may still be only a handful. These women surely are well within their rights to wish to go wherever their fancy takes them, but India has better things to do than sponsor Quixotic adventurism.

Adventurism Advocacy 

Advocate Naushad Ahmed Khan , the  President of the Indian Young Lawyers’ Association may have just wished to do something symbolic, to get some visibility. He has (sadly) got more than he had bargained for, with death threats etc over his mobile.  Some may aver that the gentleman really wanted to do something good for women-kind. We cannot be sure since there are far more issues, genuinely affecting women and their day-to-day mental and physical health than the bar on entry into one temple in Kerala. Strange that Naushad chose a minuscule non-issue.  

Mammon Blinding This Manu

Speaking of the ills perpetrated against women, we have ‘legal luminaries’ like Abhishek Manu Singhvi  wanting to keep women in the Dark Ages. He pleads with the Supreme Court that any family (could be his neighbour’s as well) be permitted to mutilate/ harm the genitals of a young girl in the name of religion/ tradition. How Mammon has blinded/ corrupted this Manu…..He equates the relatively painless male circumcision (with a one time discomfort) with the evil called  Female Genital Mutilation. Just reading about it causes discomfort. Can Abhishek look at his neighbour’s new born girl in the eye and proudly/ honestly say what he is paid to chant in Court.

If Mr Singhvi is appearing pro bono one is far more alarmed !!

Swamiyae Sharanam Ayyappa!

The Supreme Court has already passed very welcome landmark judgements on decriminalising LGBTQ relationships and Adultery.  With a landmark judgement like the Sabarimala Case, the Divine seems to have prepared us all to hear more landmark judgements favouring the vulnerable and the victimised. The valid ones, I mean. 

Swamiyae Sharanam Ayyappa!



Sofia Lois on Flight of Fancism? So Fiascist! BJP in the Cross hairs of the banned Sickle and Hammer. How ChMaotic!

Researcher on Flight of Fansicm? So Fiacist!

Sofia Lois on Flight of Fancism? 

Ms Lois Sofia, a 28 year old Physics/ Mathematics researcher was on a flight from Chennai to Tuticorin along with her parents. Spotting Ms Tamilisai Soundarrajan, the Tamil Nadu state BJP Leader, in the plane, Sofia, saw Red. She has abused BJP as a fascist organization. Despite being given an opportunity to apologize, Sofia has stuck to her stand. 

So Fiascist!

A complaint by the BJP Leader to the Airports Authority has led to Sofia’s arrest and subsequent bail. We are not sure about the kind of Red that Sofia saw or was/ is influenced by. But we hope it is neither the Red of the Cross or that of the Maos (maoists) that has warped basic civil/ civic sense of an educated Adult intelligent enough to be a PhD aspirant. The latter (maoists) have been banned by the earlier UPA Government (at the Centre) for anti-national activities. 

 How ChMaotic!

For obvious reasons, the Maoists will surely not be happy to have a strong Central Party, especially the one that has/ d been significantly winning state elections too. The Church has never been comfortable with the BJP with its stated policy of protecting ancient Indian traditions/ values/ practices. The Cross maybe neck and neck globally with the Crescent (Islam). But in India, the Cross is a distant third. Therefore it sees India as a huge market for conversion to Christianity and we have Bishops falling over each other to write to their flock warning them of ‘nationalist’ forces. Does it make these Reverend Ones, anti-national, one wonders? 

Vat I Can, I do

It is interesting that there has not been even a whimper, forget a rebuke from Top Management of these ‘anti-nationalists’. No decently managed organization runs without the Top Brass knowing about or encouraging or inciting the actions of those down below. In the absence of any remorse from the Senior staff for the actions of the Juniors (and/or disciplinary action), it is safe to assume, then, that blessings for these, come all the way from the Top. It is a case of Vat I Can, I do. Sadly for The Church, religion has not been a way of life as it has been in India from time immemorial. It is about Commerce, Market Share and attendant Economics. Else we would not have had Martin Luther ‘protesting’ Catholic excesses. Funny if the marketer of one beverage portrays itself as Holier than another. 

It takes an obsession with Christianity to make efforts to convert, it takes far more Wisdom/ Humaneness to let ancient traditions exist. If gone, they are gone for ever. Humanity loses a treasure trove. Imagine the digestive property of Ginger/ the blood thinning property of Garlic/ the anti-inflammatory property of Turmeric being replaced with pop and swallow chemical capsules….Imagine consumers being brainwashed that Garlic/ Turmeric/ Ginger don’t have any other properties and it is a waste of time to cultivate them…..Over a period, Humanity loses the other beautiful properties of Garlic/ Turmeric / Ginger along with these plants/ herbs.       

Fight Against Fake News?

One of the major conscientious activities of the past by the Papacy has been regretting the sexual misbehaviour of some of the men of cloth. Another has been the Vatican’s clarion call against fake news. Unfortunately much of the Empire built by the Church could be on possibly fake foundations. Even the noble Middle-eastern Jesus (non-Caucasian) who learnt much of his philosophy while travelling in India has been traditionally portrayed as a Caucasian, replete with fair skin, golden hair etc. Is it possible to see a Papal Decree to ensure the correct representation of Jesus?      

BJP in the Cross hairs of the banned Sickle and Hammer.

The RSS’ stated policy is Universal Brotherhood and communal harmony. It respects the right of an individual to practise his or her own religion. But the Cross could also believe that the rampant conversions (with various inducements etc) may not be taken kindly by the RSS, intent on keeping ancient Indian traditions alive. The BJP has also banned dubious foreign charity money being channelised for proselytization. It is possible therefore, that a common enemy could see some elements in the the Cross spectrum hobnobbing with the banned Hammer and Sickle. (Not to be confused with the other Communist Party CPI(M), which remains a legitimate party). 

As evidenced during the pro-Jallikattu stir in Tamil Nadu, the distrust among Tamils towards enforcement of Hindi language/ culture was exploited by the Maoists and other anti-BJP elements to foment riots in various locations. The establishment may suspect similar links in the anti-Sterlite protests. 

Much Ado Over Din, O’wisely

We now have numerous Sofia supporters shouting for the Constitutional right of freedom of speech. Have they imagined a normal citizen going upto a Asaduddin Owaisi inside a flight and questioning him for his ‘ill-advised’ statements (not even accusing him of being a Terrorist or a Fascist). Imagine the fear and the stress among the fellow passengers, some of whom may even be too old to take the ensuing altercation. 

Would be interesting to know if the same supporters of free speech would create a din or remain mute, O’ wisely…..

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Image of Poster celebrating the supposed Conversion of a Brahmin Couple to Christianity. It seems Divine Jesus gave Rs 85 Lakhs and delivered the couple from debt. Looks like The Church believes even Christianity cannot save all the poor Christians across the world. Lets at least unsettle the Indians, it seems to think……

Kerala Flood Relief – Furore over Foreign Aid – Much Ado over Nothing?

Much Aido About Nothing

Much Aido About Nothing 

We have seen many tragedies day after day due to the Kerala Floods. It almost seemed as if we may not laugh anymore, especially those emotionally linked (through family and friends) to Kerala. Amidst his great tragedies and histories, Shakespeare wrote a few comedies too. The Kerala misfortune, likewise also gave us reasons to smile, thanks to the many glimpses of humane support and the will to battle adversity. To ensure that we do not miss out on the smiles and guffaws for a comical reason, Chief Minister Mr Pinarayi Vijayan too has led from the front. But we are jumping the gun….

The Tragic Background

Indeed, just a month ago, Kerala had almost been a ‘Midsummer Night’s Dream’ of a State, God’s Own Country. It might have been about two weeks, but by The Twelfth Night, the masses had weathered enough to see and feel their Life’s/ Love’s Labour Lost. More than Rs 20,000 crores is the estimated loss, Measure for Measure  …..and maybe will take considerable time to rebuild. Mathematics obviously cannot do justice to the numerous lives lost and innumerable ones shattered by the spate of Tempests.     

Pining due to Policy

Towards the end of the fury vent by Nature, much furore was also created by Mr Vijayan/ the Congress/ some opposition members. The background was the rejection by the Indian Government of all foreign aid. That this was merely in continuation of a foreign policy existing for more than a decade is an inconvenient truth. But, As You Like It, some may not, especially, those who may use such aid or it’s rejection for their political or personal ends. Foreign policy is never a simple line and like Cymbeline’s story, often full of twists and turns. But then a Pinarayi may as well believe there is a genuine JuliAid out there, questioning, “o PinaRomeo, o PinaRomeo wherefore art thou foreigno?”       

To Be or not To Be, Kerala CM

Also, had the Chief Minister been Hamlet, the Prince of Denmark, he might have been forced to murmer, “To Be or Not to be (Aided), that is the question…”

To cut a long story short, the understanding about UAE offering aid seems to have been a Comedy of Errors. Mr Pinarayi Vijayan may not have learnt from the Merry Wives of Windsor that one False Staff-member or fake news could undo him. Mr. Vijayan is surely no Merchant of aVarice. He should have checked personally with The Two Gentlemen (whether of Verona or not), Mr Yousuf Ali (Keralite Businessman) and the UAE official concerned. Had Pinarayi recollected Poloniusadvice to his son Laertus, he may not have faltered. But then, these lapses can be effected by the best of us. Such is life

On our part we pray for God’s Own Country and hope All’s Well and That Ends Well.        

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Kar nautanki – Karnataka Assembly Elections 2018

karnataka kar,nautanki,assembly,2018,state,elections,
u n i decide the Director

Kar nautanki – Karnataka Assembly Elections 2018

Karnataka, the biggest state (electorally and GDP wise) in the Indian Union that is still with the Congress is going to the polls today. The results are to be announced on May 15. The Exit Polls promised by the media at 5 pm today are eagerly awaited.

Most of the elections in the past few years have been hi-decibel ones. But this State Assembly election is extra special. It is the last/ major poll battle before the National General Elections scheduled in 2019 rolls in.

The BJP meanwhile has transitioned India from a (Indira) Gandhi fiefdom to one which has seen the benefit of more meaningful ‘inner-party democracy’ oriented party functioning. Despite the challenges/ suffering  in major policy initiatives undertaken (like Demonetization), the BJP has been voted to power in most of the state elections. Congress meanwhile has been limping from one defeat to another. Perhaps the biggest harm it could have done for itself (and Indian democracy) has been ‘crowning’ the dynasty scion, Mr Rahul Gandhi as its Leader, without any serious soul-searching. India sadly and badly, needs a strong opposition to ensure that no party gets drunk on power. 

In Karnataka, the BJP has not done much to walk the talk by continuing to ride on Mr Yeddyurappa (a Lingayat), who is seen as corrupt and self-centered. Karnataka also has a history of going against the party in the Centre while choosing its State Government. These points could make Mr Deve Gowda a critical ally post elections. The Congress proved its Secular credentials hollow by trying to divide the Hindu Vote-bank. Its attempt to woo the Lingayat community may not be enough for it to win the Karnataka Chair at least on its own. 

As this post is getting written, there are footages of voters being paid money outside voting booths. Both the Congress and the BJP have been accused of encouraging this. Hope the Election Commission / Executive/ Legislative takes cognisance of the massive irregularities that political parties are capable of and takes appropriate measures to prevent/ minimize recurrence. 

In ending, whether the KarNautanki is the ‘dance of democracy’ / nautanki or a puppetry show, the next few days will reveal who the master Puppeteer is.

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