Sunday, November 29, 2020

Cyclone Nivar, NiVar(u vaaya?) – Are You Coming?

Cyclone Nivar In Tamil, the oldest known language on earth, Ni-var-u-Vaaya is a question, "Are You Coming?". Of course, this question is normally asked in a friendly and receptive manner; for example, a man checking whether his beloved will make the rendezvous without fail. Or, a person wishing his or her friend/ relative to visit and confirming the same. There is even a commercially successful Tamil film with a song and title itself on this familiar and much used Tamil phrase.

7 Times Champion – Lewis Hamilton – F1 Car Racing

Lewis Hamilton was already in the pantheon of Formula One Racing greats. But there was One big number that Michael Schumacher owned and no one else. Seven World Championships. That number is now co-owned by Lewis.

The Battle For Bihar. Neat-ish Finish! Nitish Finished?

The BJP has helped Nitish as part of the NDA just about win again in Bihar. The win was surely not a very 'Neat' one. 'Neat-ish' at best. Had the BJP (with a strong contributions from both the grassroots and the senior leadership) not really pulled the way it did, 'Jungle-raj ka yuvraj' may well have stomped into the CM's seat.

Mum! Bye? Freedom To Express In Mumbai

If fearless journalists cannot be neutralized with harassment, maybe 'try to neuter their voices' by arresting them. 'Keeping them off work till you get some time to think of what next to do', seems to be the credo of the Shiv Sena-led regime.

Democracy Vs Dynasty – Progress with Congress

There was big excitement recently at Headquarters. The Queen Mouse had received a note from some Smart Alecs. The Wise Mice were...

Andhra Pradesh – Jagan’s eState & Three Capitals

Forget the Turkish Tughlaq. Our Telegu Tsar one can do much better. Why bother with just transferring capitals? Seems a little old-fashioned. Our Reddy must have read his Alexander and the unravelling/ cutting of the Gordion Knot. The new Andhra CM is looking at three state capitals, one each for the Legislative, Executive and the Judiciary.

Huawei, Hua Bye? The Rose hiding the thorns, finally plucked?

.................................Huawei's attractive (decent technology) and accessible (economically priced) offerings made them captivating roses. The Bard may as well question, why raise a red flag on the country of origin, when it is not about the colour of the flag but the cologne in the fragrance. It was this same logic that would have made British PM Boris ........... Johnson continue with Huawei as a partner in UK's telecom plans. But luckily enough, he has seen the thorns that the rose had been hiding for long. ........................

KAN YE WrEST the US Presidency?

Kanye West, the millionaire rapper has decided to stand for the elections to decide the 46th President of the United States. A successful singer/ musician is no stranger to the Green Room. Is there a green signal for Kanye to enter the Oval Room? Will The White House finally be home to the first fully Black President of the United States?

Pullback by China. Do Well to WrANGle. Beware of sCHINOfrenzia

Pullback by China is on the cards. It seems as if Doval has done well to send Beijing Paeking. But the pullback...

Beijing Decency – Border Disputes by Peking One’s Nose into Neighbours’...

.........................One is reminded of the story of Pinocchio. A wooden toy created by its carpenter father finds its nose growing each time its utters a lie. Drawing parallels, maybe the CCP led China finds itself Pinocchio-ed. It pokes its nose, lies and usurps land of one neighbour. Soon the lengthening nose leads it to other neighbours and their lands and seas. But the Pinocchio syndrome means it is now led by the nose of its own making into uncharted waters. The sooner the nose gets normal, the better for China and the world. Getting one's nose cut to size is no laughing matter. Xi Jinping with pain, no pleasant sight either.

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