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Part 2 – Maneka Gandhi upset with Caesarean Deliveries ratio. WHO says 15%. TN at 34% , Telangana at 58% defy normal

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C-Section Deliveries becoming normal?? concept: Illustration: Artist Soorya


continued ….

Cool Chilli’s Comments on the Caesarean Option 

The procedure has its uses. It is useful to help save the lives of the mother or child or both in certain situations. Obviously these situations cannot be 70% of the time as the statistics (referred to in Part 1) indicate.  (Details of the C-Section procedure available in the link below for reference.)

The Medical and Ethical(Pharma) not strangers to the Unethical!  

Two decades ago, one began one’s career as a Medical Representative. Thankfully, one represented an  ethical and respected name in the Pharma Industry. But one came to know about many practices in the industry which made one shudder.

By today’s standards, those practices may still seem somehow acceptable, but those days they were still absolutely deplorable. Ethical firms like my employer, abhorred these practices. In fact any representative trying to influence any Doctor or Chemist was seen as violating Integrity Principles. 

I recount a few of them here:

  1. Nearby Chemists paying Doctors.  Some very ethical Doctors those days would not even use notepads supplied by Chemists or Pharma companies.  
  2. Doctors prescribing medicines (mineral tonics etc) knowing fully well that the body’s ability to absorb them is limited. But sometimes the Doctor was under pressure to prescribe them since the patient insisted.
  3. Atleast one Pharma company took Doctors on vacations (even to foreign locales) depending on the value of the prescriptions they wrote.

In Ending

Over the past few decades things could only have got worse. The attempts to choke our Health Eco-system needs immediate steps. This is a betrayal of innocents’ trust by those who have taken the Hippocratic Oath and cannot be condoned easily. Increasingly people falling sick (the non cold / fever types) or their relatives, are more worried about that how the Hospital may exploit him/her than about the sickness itself.   

Censure of, and measures to curb needless Caesarean procedures are very welcome. This step should be just one of the many required to monitor and eliminate various malpractices  plaguing this industry and directly impacting the common man. 

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Part 1 – Maneka Gandhi upset with Caesarean Deliveries ratio. WHO says 15%. TN at 34% , Telangana at 58% defy normal.

Maneka, Gandhi, C-Section, caesarian, deliveries, delivery, normal, hospitals, fleece, insurance,
C-Section Deliveries becoming normal?? concept: Illustration: Artist Soorya

Maneka Gandhi upset with Caesarean Deliveries ratio

Mrs Maneka Gandhi, the Union Minister for Women and Child Development is seeing red with the Medical fraternity. She wishes the Medical Institutions across the country to display the ratio/number  of normal births versus Caesarean births. This will help potential Consumers/Customers take an informed decision.   Ms Gandhi wishes the Union Health Minister to take steps towards this end. 

A Mother Petitions Minister Maneka

The immediate trigger is a petition raised on Change.Org, by Subharna Ghosh. Ms Ghosh went through a harrowing experience. She was misled into undergoing a C-Section (delivery), though she could have had a normal delivery.

The Figures are Frightening

The WHO recommends a ratio of 10-15% of deliveries to be C-Section ones. Thus at least 85 births out of every 100 births ought to be normal. And a thumb rule maximum of 15 births out of every hundred only should be through C-Section.

But private hospitals in Telangana have almost 75% births through C-Section. The figures for West Bengal private hospitals are 70%+.  The average across Telangana (across both Private and Government hospitals) is 58%. In Tamil Nadu (across Private and public) the figure is 34%. 

Cool Chilli’s Comments

 … be continued in Part 2 

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Voda an Idea, Soft ji . Bank on it!

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Voda an Idea, Soft ji. Bank on it!

State funds for Ornaments? Rao turns Nehru-ism and Secularism on its head. Rs. 5 Crores ‘Haram’ at Tirupati does no harm.

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“Aaram Haraam Hain” maybe passe.

“Aaram haraam hain”, ( ‘rest is illegal’) said Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru to encourage a

Human Citizen’s Mann ki baat -8 -Political Parties and Funds. Funding Elections and Fudging Governance.

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image courtesy: Indpaedia

Funds and Political Parties – Mrs Vikram ( A reader)

Funds form the fundamentals of any political party. This is completely true with every political party in the world. Political parties across the world receive funds from various sources. In India, political parties receive funds from voluntary contributions (individual), public funding, corporate funding, etc, these are popular funding sources. There are other unpopular yet attractive funding sources like the miscellaneous funding, rally funding, sale of coupons, etc.  

Understanding political funding and the Laws thereof

Public or state funds may be provided by the government for the purpose of elections. Indirect funding is permissible in India and the list includes income tax exemption under Section 13A of the Income Tax Act, 1961.

Every corporate in India sets up a separate fund for political parties is common knowledge. 90% of political party funds came from big corporates in the year 2013-14. Section 182 of Companies Act, 2013 govern these aspects. 

Attempts have been made to regulate the cash being received by the political parties in India. Parties are to disclose cash donations above INR 20,000.00 and from this year (budget 2017) the limit is reduced to INR 2,000. Parties are supposed to declare the donations they receive under Sec 29c of RPA. If they fail to declare, the party may not be eligible for tax relief under the Income Tax Act, 1961.  (Source –

Association of Democratic Reforms (ADR) Report

A recent report submitted by ADR (Association of Democratic Reforms) points out that, two-thirds of the funds received by political parties, both at national and regional level were unknown sources.

Questions in the mind of the common man

  • A very naïve yet valid question, “When every paisa we earn is to be accounted, then how come political parties are never questioned and that too when they have received 2/3rd of their total funds from unaccounted sources”.
  • Do corporates share the same ideology of the party that they are funding?
  • We understand that political parties are exempted from paying income tax. This is  under Section 13A of the Income Tax Act, 1961. But we also understand that they have to file their IT returns. Do they?
  • Are not political parties supposed to maintain a book of accounts?
  • Should not the fund inflow from known, unknown, accounted, unaccounted sources be made open to relvant stakeholders, if not the common man.
  • When every business entity and individual citizens have a PAN card, why not political parties?
  • Can political parties’ funds ever be made transparent?


Modi asks Trump to reconsider H-1B and L1 Visa ban. Indians contribute to US economy.

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idea: illustration: Soorya


Prime Minister Modi issues statement on H-1B and L1 Visa

The Trump administration had some time back put a hold on H-1B Visas and L1 Visa for foreign nationals seeking to work in the US. This has affected the $150 Billion a year Indian Technology / Outsourcing

Four new Frog species spring up in the Western Ghats!

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image courtesy: the Hindu

Springing a Pleasant surprise! Four New Tiny Frog species in the  Western Ghats

The Western Ghats continue to spring pleasant surprises on us.  A team comprising of members from the Kerala Forest Department  and the Delhi University has discovered seven

Mallika or not, Cyanide no Company for ConVictoria, Queen of Con

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Remote for and from St George, Chennai


Cyanide for Company, No Please,  We ArSasiC

A neighbour (a convict in a neighbouring cell) of ConVictoria in the Parappana Agrahara Central Jail, Kempamma has been transferred to another Bangalore Jail.  Kempamma, India’s

Edappadi Palaniswamy announces drought aid for Farmers in arid Tamil Nadu.

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Proxy Palani curries the Farmers’ Favour after Wooing Womenfolk

Aid for farmers in Arid Tamil Nadu? A day after trying to smoothen ruffled feminine feathers, Proxy Palaniswamy has announced a package of Rs 2247 Crores to help Tamil Nadu ryots struggling with drought. Rs 2247 Crores is no small amount and it works out to an average of Rs 7000 per farmer (spread over 32 Lakh farmers). 

Amounts are arrived at on a per acre basis segmentation by crop type (for eg. Crop growing under irrigation, sericulture farmers, fruits/vegetable growers etc). The government has said that poor rains have affected more than 13,000 out of the 16,000 odd revenue villages. Thus, this move is very much necessary to bring some relief.

Will these welfare measures wash away all the bitterness lingering in the voter’s mouth?  Is Mr Palanisamy trying to begin well as Chief Minister? As my good friend Iqbal says, “900 chuhe khake billi haj ko chali” 

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DMK to move motion of No Confidence against TN Assembly Speaker Dhanapal. Vocal Chord not playing the Voter’s Card ?

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Motion to Move Speaker Out! Vocal Chord not playing the Voter’s Card ? 

Motion to move out the Speaker. Seriously?

In an unprecedented act in Tamil Nadu, the DMK will be initiating a motion to express No Confidence in the Assembly Speaker, Mr Dhanapal.  Do the majority of MLAs believe he has acted more as a DhalaPal (protector of a particular ‘dal/dalam/party’)? It could get passed then. This important position typically is filled by the Party in power and hence the his nomination is typically unchallenged. But he or she is expected to be neutral in thought and deed.

Obviously the ruling party will not wish to have someone who is a pushover.  But the Speaker is normally someone who enjoys the trust of most members. Having a person whom the main opposition party (DMK) doesn’t have confidence in, does not augur well.   

Even if the motion doesn’t succeed, many citizens feel the Speaker’s August Office has failed. Failed to recognize the wish and will of the people of Tamil Nadu. Passing or Failing this motion may just be incidental after falling in the public’s eye.

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