Take No Logic, …..blindly.

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courtesy: TheHindu.com; phys.org

Like many other things Technology too is a good servant but a bad master.
Drivers not using GPS rely on basic human skills. This includes watching out for what’s on the road, checking with locals for directions, etc. Those relying solely on GPS may drive into the wilderness on the other side of the continent, drive under dangerously low bridges causing serious injuries to passengers etc. The student of today cannot respond to 13 times 7 without using a calculator…..something his great-grandmother with limited education would have rattled off without batting an eyelid. A time would come when even everyday routes become a maze game unless there is a GPS to help us.
The moral seems to be ….’Apply more thought’,  Take No Logic, blindly!

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‘Vested’ interests prevent August Landing for VVIP Helicopters

'Vested' interests prevent August Landing for VVIP Helicopters ,'Vested' interests prevent August Landing for VVIP Helicopters news is fun, news is life, news, newstikka.com, spread the humour around, cool chilli, cool chilli, newsy, jangu, news, tikka, humor, cool chilli’s views on news, VVIP helicopter deal , finmeccanica, agusta westland, helicopters,

It is sad to note that most large deals in Indian Defence have been plagued with accusations of corruption, political interference etcetera. The earlier Defence Minister (in the Congress regime) Mr A K Antony even shelved the deal, due to charges of corruption.  Mr Antony is generally seen as  one of the cleanest politicians that India has produced. No one even in the BJP is pointing any finger at him.
But the recent points raised by an Italian Court, has brought the discussions back in the public domain.
The funny thing is, like in the Bofors gun case of the yesteryears , the Augusta Westland helicopter is generally considered the better option. It only goes to show the kind of screen our Bureaucracy and Political class connive to create. Somehow they manage to convince even the better products to resort to questionable practices.

Overheard bu Cool Chilli:
Parsee man reading newspaper to his friend reading the Zend Avesta.
“hey Bawa, see this… almost all Indian denominations figure in this deal. But no Parsi.
Had a key Parsi been involved, some media wiseguy may have remarked “Sinned Agusta”.



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Can’t Lick IT, Then mimic IT, even if you don’t like it… Competition that is.

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photo courtesy: The Economic Times

Nothing dirty or shady about IT. Some deals in the Information Technology Outsourcing space involve initial outlays on part of the Service Provider to get potential business from the Customer. This could involve taking over assets of the Customer. In some cases, entire IT arms of Customers are bought over by Service Providers. The IT arm’s existing engagement with the parent (Customer) helps the Service Provider with an assured revenue over a pre-defined time frame. Since these Customer Acquisitions entail huge outlays upfront, the gross margins in the initial years especially, wouldn’t amount to much. Hence Indian IT Services firms had, till some time back, not been keen on these deals. However with fewer low hanging fruits, ‘buy-out-deals’ may be needed for the top line they promise, or their strategic potential or both.
Hence in order to keep up with the Accentures and the IBMs, Indian IT players like Infosys and Wipro may well wish to mimic them and swallow this bitter buy-out pill, even if they don’t exactly like it.


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Hu-man, He-woman, She-man, E-man !


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photo courtesy: robots.nu

WTF…there may be less conservative expansions compared to Weird Trending Fun….
But the news of former US Senator Harris Wofford remarrying is questioning our conventional notions of sexuality, sexual attraction and love. Why so? This widower, now aged 90, having three kids (through his wife who passed away 20 years earlier) is now planning to marry his 40 year old lover of 15 years. Not very eyebrow raising, until we realize that the lover is a male.  A few months earlier, we read about a celebrity male, who after years of marriage realized the male Bruce Jenner better be Caitlyn Jenner, the woman.

A thought which is creating some disquiet is that we are evolving in the purpose behind sex/sexual bonding. Advanced Reproductive Technologies (ART) is making it possible for humans to reproduce without sexual activity. The act meant for pro-creation evolves into one for recreation. When it comes to recreation, the more flavours, the merrier. The concept of sexing up one’s love life is taking a whole new meaning these days. Once this probably meant changing partners since some sought variety through this type of change. Now it could also mean changing one’s gender itself or the gender inclination to begin with.

Many of the modern practices that we see are already represented or referred to in ancient Indian thoughts including the Arthashastra, Manusmriti and Mahabharata. But for the imposition of Victorian morals and Macaulayism, modern Indian society could have been very different.



Cutting to the present, we now have women who realize they are more men and prefer women partners. Men likewise. Humanoids or E-men are still not so commonplace, but they are coming.
Hu-man, He-woman-She-man, He-man , E-Man… Each of us needs to have the space to live the life we wish, without fear of shame.  But with so many possibilities for sexual inclinations and  the attendant sensitivities required thereby, one wonders how the restrooms in public places will be demarcated in the future?


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Being Human, Being a Sport ! Sell It Rightly, Celebrity Isshhtyle !


Maine Pyar Kiya without asking Hum Aapke Hain Kaun. The freshness and the Andaaz Apna Apna that Big Boss brought to the screen, whether silver or small made us feel here was a Body to Guard us. Ek Tha Tiger. But that was then.

Blackbucks meet their maker after, “Bang, Bang !”, but we have stopped asking what ‘Da-bangg’ was about. Maybe as for the kings of yore, hunting is the Sport for today’s Sultan.  Pavement dwellers are mysteriously mowed down by high end automobiles with minds of their own. More mysteriously, upright Bodyguards like police constable Ravindra Patil develop incurable diseases and pass away conveniently. Inside the shirt sporting ‘Being Human’, the unsporting being, human or otherwise, gets an Upside.

Sports heroes and sports veterans may cry foul over this unprecedented appointment of a Goodwill Ambassador of the Rio Olympics. They may insist it is a case of  No Entry Mein Entry. But then as we are led to believe, Chori Chori Chupke Chupke, in Politics Kuch Kuch Hota Hai.

Such is Life!  Sell It Rightly and as a Celebrity, you may go places.



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For all the soap and polish, Phthalates do you no good!

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For some time now, we have all been reading about the impact of artificial substances like plastic. Plastics on one hand has made life very simple on a day to day basis with the innumerable ways man has ‘moulded’ it. There is hardly any industry or human, which/who could claim that no benefit has been seen. However the attendant challenges are becoming increasingly clear. One of the major culprits research has been talking about for some time now, is Bisphenol A (BPA), found in water bottles, food containers etc. Bisphenol while adding transparency and strength to the packaging may also create long term reproductive side-effects.
Now, another product has emerged to add to our concern. The Phthalates (found in nail polish and soap) may influence the quantity of fat stored in the body as per Research from the University of Georgia. Thus the Phthalates (especially a particular Phthalate, BBP) may increase your tendency to obesity. No wonder then, that the call of the ‘back to basics’ community is getting louder.

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Many may cry…Eknath, Waste Not….but OfKhadse not I.

news is fun, news is life, news, newstikka.com, spread the humour around, cool chilli, cool chilli, newsy, jangu, news, tikka, humor, cool chilli’s views on news, eknath khadse, maharashtra minister, water wasted for helipad, 10000 litres of water, drought survey, belkhund village, later district, politics, governance, save water,Dear Shri Eknath Khadseji,
Trains carrying water are running regularly to Latur. The need to conserve water must therefore be on top of the average mind.
Some reports say you went to Belkund village (near Later airport, which is about 40 Kms away) for a function. Others aver that you went there to study the ‘drought situation’.

There are many protesting that you caused more than 10,000 Litres of water to be wasted (or used, if you ask me) to create a temporary Helipad. Some may say, creation of an Helipad is in itself, a waste. (A helicopter is meant to land impromptu in many a terrain and since this is far from a hostile one, even a makeshift Helipad is not needed.) This Khadse of this world is no cad, si’. I know, he knows better.
It is with that point in mind, that one tried to understand your deep thought amidst this ‘drought’ in public understanding. Initially one confesses, one also came under the sway of the ugly perception created. But a little patience enabled one to realize your respect for principles and very importantly your analytical bent of mind. And you have proved yourself respect-worthy, beyond my own imagination….. showcasing your ability to string two pearls in one smooth movement.

Pearl 1: You proved that you live and breathe our PM’s Swachch Bharat mission. Swachch Bharat begins with Swachch Badhan (body). Had those 10,000 litres of waters not been judiciously used, you ran the huge risk of dust particles settling on your pristine white dress. As a responsible citizen, you also carry the responsibility of being an ambassador of the Swachch Badhan, sorry Swachch Bharat movement. Jaisa Vesh, Waisa Desh !

Pearl 2: Not for you, the work of the average Ministers. To assess the impact of water deprivation, they would have gone about their work, trying to appear as if they understood the reports a bureaucrat or official was explaining them. Nor physically checking availability of water or talking to the affected villagers. You know these are superficial acts. You went one step forward, deeper as perhaps only you can. By actually using the scarce water bravely (the ignorant may say, insensitively….. don’t mind, please), you have tried to understand the reaction that would arise. This resultant feedback would enable you to fathom the mental/psychological impact the drought situation was having on the masses. And as the enlightened know, we all are what we think. The temporal is temporary. Our attempts to understand the masses’ mind will help us take them beyond their physical state.

Once the dust settles, am confident that Mr Devendra Fadnavis and Mr Narendra Modi will see the Solitaire they possess (who cares about the Kohinoor anyway).

Many may cry…Eknath, Waste Not….but OfKhadse not I.

Regards/Cool Chilli

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Water cures/queers the pitch. No aIPpeaL before the HC ?

,water queers the pitch - No aIPpeaL against HC ,news is fun, news is life, news, newstikka.com, spread the humour around, cool chilli, cool chilli, newsy, jangu, news, tikka, humor, cool chilli’s views on news, These decisions are not easy. As in many such situations, there could be strong arguments made both for and against the conduct of IPL matches.
The argument for the continued unfettered conduct of the IPL is that the water to be used for the pitches while in itself significant, will surely not quench the need of all the areas reeling under drought. This logic from an absolute business-like  approach seems above reproach. After all, what can the IPL’s administrators do when there are certain events happening which they are definitely not the cause of….., and which tragedy they would not be able to mitigate or minimize beyond a point?

The other view while it may not commercially hold water is that it is a bit queer to be playing in the park while the neighbouring building is on fire. Even if one may not be able to do much to help the residents of the building, it is in bad taste to think it is OK to be seen having a good time when there are fellow humans staring at misery if not already entangled in it.

Mr Anurag Thakur , Secretary, BCCI also had a valid point to make…that the Maharashtra Government makes about Rs 100 Crores profit from the IPL matches being conducted in Maharashtra. And added that seen in the light of this profit, the IPL matches conducted in Maharashtra would help the government have the necessary funds to combat drought. If indeed the BCCI point is correct, then Mr Devendra Fadnavis, the Maharashtra CM would to be on the horns of a dilemma. Whether to let the BCCI cure the pitches with water or whether it would queer the pitch too much for him and the BJP politically.
To take this bull by its horns, the politician in Mr Fadnavis would only be happy for the Judiciary to get on the front foot on this pitch. There would be no aIPpeaL before the HC.

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Under the Panama Hat

Under the Panama Hat!
Under the Panama Hat!

Excerpts from www.sueddeutsche.de at the following link

Generally speaking, owning an offshore company is not illegal in itself. In fact, establishing an offshore company can be seen as a logical step for a broad range of business transactions. However, a look through the Panama Papers very quickly reveals that concealing the identities of the true company owners was the primary aim in the vast majority of cases. From the outset, the journalists had their work cut out for them. The providers of offshore companies – among them banks, lawyers, and investment advisors – often keep their clients’ names secret and use proxies. In turn, the proxies’ tracks then lead to heads of state, important officials, and millionaires. Over the course of the international project, journalists cooperated with one another to investigate thousands of leads: they examined evidence, studied contracts, and spoke with experts.

Among others, Mossack Fonsecas’ clients include criminals and members of various Mafia groups. The documents also expose bribery scandals and corrupt heads of state and government. The alleged offshore companies of twelve current and former heads of state make up one of the most spectacular parts of the leak, as do the links to other leaders, and to their families, closest advisors, and friends. The Panamanian law firm also counts almost 200 other politicians from around the globe among its clients, including a number of ministers….”

Cool Chilli needn’t add anything more. A man wishing to buy bonafide drugs against his Doctor’s prescription would not be seen inside ann Opium Den. Those who claim their engagements with Mossack Fonseca are above board definitely have a few questions to answer.

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The Sound of the Singular Voice. If Silenced, can be deafening…!

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The Singular View Silenced !

It happens around us often. The majority view is generally accepted as being in the larger interest of society. Many of our institutions and decision-making work on the above principle. While this may be Wisdom of the Crowd or Collective common sense, there are probabilities of this good principle going wrong.
It is possible that a few vested interests could collude/scheme to portray their views in a manner that is appealing to the majority at that point in time. This ‘doctoring’ of the public opinion happens by highlighting/amplifying certain elements, while downplaying/distorting/hiding other valuable data points. Sometimes even in the absence of the latter, the former is so compelling that the latter, even if it is staring at us in the face, is overlooked until too late.

Hitler’s electoral success is an example. While the Nazi party aroused German nationalistic passion in the common man, the electorate maybe didn’t realize the extent to which Nazi anti-Semitism will warp Germany and Europe. Even if there had been some voices within cautioning Germans about the Nazis, they could have been easily brushed aside. They could have been accused of being too soft in one extreme to being branded anti-national on the other. This tirade could have been enough to silence most opposition. The few voices that remain could be eliminated as needed or possible.

Closer home, without implying any ulterior motive, it can safely be said that both Sardar Patel’s candidature as India’s first PM and his subsequent insights about the Chinese threat to India were ignored. The first, due to the emotional stranglehold that Nehru had on the Mahatma. The Second due to Nehru’s attachment to his own world view and a blind fixation to his Panchasheel principles, despite evidence crying for more pragmatism.

Closer to the day, the stakeholder who would be most impacted by the decision to store and display fireworks is Pankajakshi. Pankajakshi lives close to the temple and has been living in mortal fear of the fireworks. It wasn’t unfounded. Four years earlier, her house had been damaged due to the fireworks. She had been complaining to the local authorities. But temple officials have also forced her to withdraw her complaint. Most people in the area had been led to believe that abolishing fireworks would anger the Gods.
How much better for the people in the neighbourhood, had Pankajakshi’s voice been heard and respected.
The Sound of this Silenced Voice must now be deafening for the temple officials!

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