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Stephen Hawking – A Brief Story of a Mind honed against all odds (1942 – 2018)

A Brief Story of A Mind honed against all odds

Stephen Hawking – A Brief Story of a Mind honed against all odds (1942 – 2018)

Rest in Peace, Stephen Hawking in the Abrahamic Traditions….Om Shanthi in the Indic Ones

No one could possibly hold anything against a brilliant mind which rallied a body beset by the devastating ALS disease. A mind which used humour with as much verve as simplicity to explain Singularity and other mysteries of the cosmos.

If there is one thing Cool Chilli had wanted to educate Stephen Hawking on (sounds audacious, right and maybe impolite too now) it is about giving more recognition to the ancients in India. Hawking had mentioned about the mathematics that the world had learnt from ancient India. But he refers to the Europeans to credit them for theories on Helio-centricity.

A brief Visit to 1000+ (very conservative estimate) year old Temples in South India (still standing after the invasions) is enough to show that the world has a lot to learn about Incredible India. The Navagraha (Nine Celestial Bodies) altars clearly depict the Sun at the centre with all the other bodies arranged around it. But then, this understanding would be kid’s play for a culture which knew about Binary Star systems and dovetailed it into marriage rituals to reinforce the importance of partnership. 

But then this column is not about childishly finding fault with a genius. This is about applauding the brain, the wit and the grit of a person who symbolised the best of Human Spirit, fighting adversity against all odds. As seen in the figure, Cool Chilli’s thunderbolt which tries to inspire him, is too thunderstruck at the news. Saddened that the Universe has finally called ‘Time’ on the man who tried to explain it (to laymen) and expand it (his own longevity after Doctors gave him only two years, 50+ years ago).   


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Bravo ISRO! 20 in One Go. Bee’s Knees as usual.

An Obituary to Sridevi: ‘Khuda Gawah’, no ‘Moondram Pirai’ for ‘Poombatta’ to flutter again. the ‘Chandni Chaplin’ who as Hawa Hawaii called ‘Mr India’, ‘ChaalBaaz’ , chal bazi.


An Obituary to Sridevi: ‘Khuda Gawah‘, no ‘Moondram Pirai‘ for ‘Poombatta‘ to flutter again. the ‘Chandni Chaplin’ who as Hawa Hawaii called ‘Mr India’, ‘ChaalBaaz‘ , chal bazi

Sridevi was born in Tamil Nadu village into a Telugu family. She ruled the cine industries in Kollywood, Tollywood and Bollywood as the Numero Uno Heroine. Her sense of timing was well cultivated, especially in the comic scenes. Cool Chilli's Views On News, Sridevi, Death, Arts, Governance, Politics, Economy,
image courtesy: An Obituary to Sridevi: ‘Khuda Gawah’, no ‘Moondram Pirai’ for ‘Poombatta’ to flutter again. the ‘Chandni Chaplin’ who as Hawa Hawaii called ‘Mr India’, ‘ChaalBaaz’ , chal bazi
In ‘English Vinglish, she brought out the predicament of a typical home maker looked down upon by even her close family. Sadly, the ability or inability to communicate well/ assertively, that too in English is still a stigma. What Pink did for the working/ extroverted woman, ‘English Vinglish’ did for the house wife.
Along with her legions of fans we are saddened to realize that Khuda Gawah‘, there will be no ‘Moondram Pirai‘ for the beautiful ‘Poombatta‘ to flutter again. The ‘Chandni Chaplin’ who as Hawa Hawaii called ‘Mr India’, ‘ChaalBaaz‘ , chal bazi (has left us)……. or did someone feel, “baz, ab chal” (enough, now leave). One hopes not. 
Like the butterfly (Poombatta, one of her early films), she underwent metamorphosis time and again. Maybe this caterpillar went through one transformation too many. We will never know for sure. But sadly her death also brings to mind, the demise, a year ago of her senior fellow-artist from the Tamil film industry. Can Success also be cruel to the women who rule their domains???  All her life, we understand Sridevi too struggled to find peace,(shanthi). It seems ironic to say on her death, Om Shanti‘.  

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How Despicable! Minions serving Banking Sector. BoB (Bank of Baroda), just one of them. Stuart, Kevin and others still abound.

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courtesy/ Copyright for Minions: Illumination Entertainment, Universal Studios


How Despicable! Minions serving Banking Sector. BoB (Bank of Baroda) is just one of them. Stuart, Kevin and others still abound.

One thing that the lay observer notices as the adage goes. That the more things change, the more they seem to remain the same. The mismanagement and process violations that marked the KingFisher / Vijay Mallya story keep re-surfacing. They have really not alerted honchos managing India’s banks. Many of our Managers/ Leaders are literal paradoxes. They seem to be minions. They don’t wish to or are unable to stand up for what is right.

bob, kevin, stuart, minion, bosses,business,owner,fraud,manager,mismanagement,process,violation, Minions/ Bob/ Kevin/Stuart are the properties of Illumination Entertainment, a division of Universal Studios.

Or maybe, they know fully well all the dust/ dirt that they have been routinely sweeping/ made to sweep under the carpet. Hence they must be taking personal care to ensure they hold it down firmly….., the carpet that is.  It is sad to see India’s ‘Governance stakeholders’  either conniving or looking the other way to help the unscrupulous make a killing. The irony is that these same minions become messengers of death for our poor farmers, grappling with multiple vagaries in their eco-system as the figure below portrays.

How despicable! 🙁

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ambani,adani, BJP, minion, BoB,Kevin, stuart, mehul,choksi,nirav,modi,vikram,kothari,pan,parag,
Courtesy: The Ambani and Adani clans, long perceived to be under favour of the BJP regime seem to be facing heat in the wake of the current scams. Whether this government will be able to do the right thing by Law, time will tell…..

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Trump – A WASP in Racism’s grasp ?

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Trump – A WASP in Racism’s grasp ?

Trump cannot do many things correctly, so it would seem from a conservative American perspective. Right from allegations (of Russian intervention) around his unexpected electoral success, to reports and claims of misdemeanours with women (from his very racy past), Trump has ensured the mainstream media has enough material to chew on. 

 Viewing neutrally, one would think, he has surely been a mould-breaker. He has had the gall to call a spade a spade on a few issues (though seemingly undiplomatic / politically incorrect). He has even created initial disquiet among new found ‘friends’ as India and went against the traditional US stance of mollifying Pakistan. The latter is a significant change in US positioning considering Pakistan’s increasing bon homie with China.    

The WASP (White Anglo Saxon Protestant), Trump may have actually used the politically incorrect and personally hurting words to describe people from other countries/ races. But it is difficult to isolate him for the prejudice. Agreed, as the leader of the World’s Superpower, he could be a better role model….. especially in using  language more suitable for living rooms. But then  using inappropriate words with or without actually meaning it, is hardly his fault alone. As Jesus said, “….let the person who has done no wrong be the first one to stone….”.  

Cool Chilli’s Views

At, we believe each of us has the potential/ obligation to become a better human. That objective is met easier by each one identifying their own follies first. While it is the done thing to call out ‘straying’ leaders, it is as good a time as any to take stock and check how we stand on similar value platforms.

When a valuable item has gone missing, have we not immediately suspected the housemaid or the driver, only to find it a few hours later where we had last left it. Have we not, while interviewing canidates, felt more drawn to a certain candidate from a background more similar to us, as opposed to another one from a different denomination. 

The idea of this piece is not to excuse Donald Trump, but to use the story for introspection. improve our thought processes to override the natural ‘people like us’ vs ‘people like them’ bias that creeps in automatically.        

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Be ISRO or ISI baath pe attke raho

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Crowning Glory of a Plural/ Democratic India

Be ISRO or ISI baath pe attke raho

India as a country has come a long way. It has built several institutions which are  comparable to the best in the world (if not the best). The Indian Space Research Organization, if not the Jewel in India’s Crown is amongst its great accomplishments.

A bit disconcerted with ISRO’s 100th launch which put 31 satellites in different orbits, Pakistan now warns about the increasing threat (to Pakistan), due to ISRO’s success. Pakistan, founded on the idea of an ISLAMIC State is more ISI  (Pakistan’s terror nurturing outfight) and less CALM. A sad state of affairs where minorities are routinely roasted. And sadder that even the majority is divided into enough minorities to make the Quaid-e-azam’s idea behind Pakistan’s formation look quixotic.

The real Jewel in India’s crown meanwhile is its ability to make its Democratic Institutions work despite all the challenges. and internal naysayers. Not just becoming a senior Technocrat and a Space Research Organization Leader, a devout Muslim with a humble background can become its First Citizen too. With his long locks, the venerable Abdul Kalam may also be referred to, as the Crowning Glory of India’s Egalitarianism and Pluralism. 

The message for Pakistan is clear. Become like India/ ISRO or ISI baat pe attke raho (become like ISRO or remain stuck in your rhetoric). A Tamil proverb says One can keep falling on the ground and still claim moral victory on the ground that the moustache is still free of dust.  

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Best Baked Creatively …… Of Rani Padmini and Bilkis Bano

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Best Baked Creatively ……Of Rani Padminis and Bilkis Banos


A hundred years he suffered 

A writer’s block can be stifling

A pal then said “Try Psy” ….Psyllium Husk

And Lie-a-cut Khan found life worth living.


In relief the Khan got creative

A hundred years’ pain becomes distant memory

Lending both enchantment and poetic licence to the view.


Whether for Best or worst, the Bakery

Bakes some stories in its fertile oven 

Justice can be bemused. Surely Sister Bano wasn’t abused 

There was no carnage, no rape of the innocent

Just a few lovelorn youths getting delinquent.

Bereft of sensitivity, creativity could be mockery

To paint Lust as just a Romance gone awry.




No brother of Sister Banu or son of Mother Padmini

Need feel enraged in private too….

For we can be creative like this only.    

For all we know, Allaudin Khilji had been a noble soul….

Temples as far south as Madurai got desecrated on their own…..

No public outrage, this needs trigger

For we are secular and is not Allahu Akbar?

No public outrage, this needs trigger

For we are secular and is not Allahu Akbar? 

(NewsTikka stands for the secular, democratic and plural fabric of India. The above is based on newspaper reports of insensitive portrayal of Allaudin Khilji and Rani Padmini or Padmavati. Mr Bhansali has ostensibly refuted this, but the film is still under wraps, awaiting release on Dec 1, 2017. The filmaker has refused a screening to select stakeholders  maybe to protect his commercial interests, but this has only triggered a lot of unease, including the one as evinced above. NewsTikka is all for protecting the creative licenses of artists, but artists should also be sensitive to sensibilities)

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#MeToo – a Totem, a Tome of our shame #SheToo Deserves Respect

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#MeToo He is a part of sHe. vice versa #SheToo deserves respect

 #MeToo – a Totem, a Tome of our shame #SheToo Deserves Respect

#MeToo – a Totem, a Tome of our shame

We exit the womb’s watery warmth and survive thanks to her toughness

In the joy of childhood rivalry, she loses to see her sibling win

At school, she can make most squirm in her academic shadow

At high school/ college, her  effervescence leaves one’s infatuation hopeless

At University, academic scores soar despite domestic chores !!!

China’s Cry on the Dalai: “You Bet, Terror We can Abet; But you avoid the Lama from Tibet”

China, Warns, World, Leaders, against ,meeting, Dalai, Lama, Tibetan, Tibet, independence, Buddhist, leader, nobel, peace, prize,
picture courtesy; The Economic Times

China’s Cry on the Dalai: “You Bet, Terror We can Abet; But you avoid the Lama from Tibet”


We are concerned about our People’s Welfare 

Even in Hong Kong we wish a Tiananmen Square;

We are all for peaceful co-existence….

Why then we wonder, are our borders always tense;

We are China

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