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Who Will Bell the Covid? The Race for the Vaccine. Kaun Banega Corona-pati?

the race for the corona vaccine. who will bell the covid? Kaun Banega Corona pati.
the race for the corona vaccine. who will bell the covid? Kaun Banega Corona pati.

The race is on for the vaccine for corona / covid 19 virus … One that is not about being the fastest, strongest, smartest etc, but one about Survival..and survival they say is of the fittest. Which vaccine will fit the bill?

Sad, even if not wretched

A sad if not completely wretched sate of affairs. Sad obviously because of the hardship, deaths and worries for millions across the globe. Not completely wretched, in one’s opinion because we have seen a lot more things clearly than we would otherwise have.

We are clearer on the following: The toll that Mother Earth is taking because of us humans. The various things we assumed as genuine ‘needs’ are actually ‘wants’ created by us/ our theories crafted during modernization/ industrialization. Humans (however smart) can still be outsmarted by elements right in front our eyes, yet invisible. The list goes on….

WHO knows what happened?

Some suspect, the Corona virus disease we are seeing (the virus is part of the family that caused other infections like MERS/ SARS), is human handiwork. If so, whether release of this was by accident or instigated incident, WHO will tell. Almost like a who-dun-it mystery thriller except that WHO may be accused of pulling the wuhan, sorry wool over the world’s eyes.

Traces leading up the silk route can easily get lost in the Chinese Whispers of threats.When the bald eagle accuses the dragon of breathing down the neck, WHO can get hot under the collar. In such cases it would surely be batty to imagine one could even respire properly, far less, investigate the ‘whereabats’ of the virus and its origin. Clearly the investigation needs more ventilators.

Brahminical Behaviour Рbête noire or better

While humans have more or less realized their ways and are learning their lessons, the class of Corona is continuing. Those present amongst us are sadly continuing to take leave of absence. And this may continue till such time as we develop immunity. Immunity either naturally or through the vaccine that researchers are working feverishly on.

While the vaccine is underway, there are also some good old fashioned, once seemingly loony behaviour that are becoming increasingly common place. Like the much-ridiculed-social (hygienic)-practices of some communities like the Brahmins of India. The Brahmins are inheritors of millennia of tradition. In the course of tens of thousands of years, they would have seen that unclean touch, contaminated saliva, unclean footwear brought inside the house, non-washing of hands, irregular bathing habits could cause mischief, if not misery.

In ancient times, there were no simple ways to tell, which touch to trust, which saliva is safe, which footwear need not be fumigated, which body is bathed twice/ thrice daily, etc. It would have been more prudent to exhibit practices bordering on OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) rather than fall prey to infection.

Boorish to throw the baby

The above is not to condone ill-treatment of others, if any such has happened. Humans are capable of both and evil. It is highly likely that discrimination on basis of just membership or birth in a community has happened.

But imagine a scene from today. The residents of a particular community or town were/ are not amenable to medical advice/ governmental guidelines and openly flouted social distancing and other basic hygiene norms. Would you be enthusiastically embracing them, given half a chance? Suddenly tarnishing best practices because of the trash that also got collaterally accumulated, seems akin to throwing the baby with the bathwater. But then, we are digressing.

and Pat comes the vaccine?

This piece is about the race to get the vaccine for the Covid-19 disease. The general wisdom is that it normally takes years to develop any vaccine. With the high level of intervention and the fervid pace of research, maybe in Covid’s case, the lead time may be considerably shortened. But however short the committed researchers may squeeze it, the timeline may well extend into 2021.

One strikingly interesting fact about the race is the participation of Patanjali Ayurved, one of the fastest growing FMCG companies in India. While the others in the race would be typically allopathic in nature, Patanjali is checking more than 100 medicinal plants and the 1000 phytochemicals derived therefrom.

Decode Covid – vyakhya with vaccine

Those familiar with ancient India may recollect the name Patanjali. The name is seen in a few contexts. While Panini is the original grammarian of Sanskrit, Patanajali is remembered as a brilliant commentator on Sanskrit Grammar. In another context a person or various persons named Patanjali had/ have written authoritatively on medicine or other ancient Indian medical texts like the Charaka Samhita.

It would be very remarkable if the following happens. After all that this virus has taught us, the vaccine for the corona or covid 19 virus that actually decodes the structure of Covid’s RNA grammar happens to be ayurvedic and bears the Patanjali name.

What better Anjali (tribute) to the realization below. That Sanskriti (the refined/ cultured/ dare we say modern civilization) has to co-exist with Prakruti (nature).

Corona Virus Infection Curve – A tale of 2 ‘L’s

Corono Virus Infection Curve - A tale of 2 'L's.

High Spirited Move By the TN State Government

The decision to open up sales of Liquor has come under heavy criticism. The Government on its part may take refuge under the following: 1) The Exchequer needs cash. 2) Some of the citizenry may have been restless and may also look to dump their desperation if not themselves in illicit brews desperation, which comes with attendant risks. 3) Since most citizens are coping gamely with the Lock-down, why have a tiffle with those wanting to tipple.

The High Court not buying into the spirit of the State’s argument

Massive queues were witnessed across the country, and near TASMAC counters too, with the crowds throwing caution to the winds. The Honourable High Court of Madras (THHCoM) may have feared the winds mentioned above being highly accommodating of the Corona virus and has also annulled the decision of the TN Government. THHCoM is not comfortable with the retail vending of alcohol with mindless crowding etc. It is however does not seem to be against the sale per se including Home Delivery.

The balloon has burst just as the party was poised to start.

The TN Government may as well whine about all the wine ready to wet awaiting lips and also fill exchequers. But the long and short of the episode is elements of a civil society, cannot but put, Prevention before Cure, especially if the AlCureAll can lead to the Contagion spreading

Math-e-Militant? Tuterror-ist? Maybe. Yet, only a Pawn to the State Preying on Lives.

Riyaz Naikoo, Math-e-militant.

The Beauty that is ‘Riyaz’ and the benefits it bestows

Riyaz is a beautiful Urdu/ Hindustani term to denote ‘practice’ in music. Now it has become synonymous with general training/ practice etc as part of the part to perfection. Urdu is a poet’s language and its expressions are beautifully nuanced. It is no wonder that so many Urdu terms or turns of phrase can find applications in daily parlance. With what hopes Riyaz Naikoo‘s parents would have named him after this beautiful term, it is very sad and futile to reflect upon, now.

A potentially Beautiful Mind is turned truant

But sadly enough, the beautiful mind that used to practice mathematics and teach it, at some time, turned truant. A tutor turning truant and taking to terror is not an ideal State. Pakistan is a State on the verge of political implosion. The way it is under China’s thumb with huge capital inflows means it is also on the verge of economic capitulation to the dragon. But somehow it seeks solace in attempting to be a thorn in its neighbour’s flesh.

Pakistani identity/ raison d’etre tied to India ūüôā

Much of the Pakistani Army/ Government bandwidth is allocated to India. So much so that, that one often thinks, the raison d’etre for Pakistan is India. Imagine this hypothetical situation. By some quirk of geo-dynamics/ continental plate movement/ ocean currents etc, Pakistan just dislodges overnight from the Asian/ Indian sub-continent plate and finds itself near Florida, USA. Would the Pakistani establishment rejoice in the fact that the country has moved closer to its largest export market (the US bought almost a fifth of Pakistan’s exports in 2019)? Very likely not.

Happy with even losing an eye, if the neighbour loses vision fully

That the world’s largest economy is just a stone’s throw away would not be particularly good news. This is because, the Pakistani pysche (not the average Pakistani citizen’s, but of the army/ political establishment) is used to seeing itself (and making others see it) as the ‘Christ’ to India’s supposedly anti-Christ disposition/ dispensation. The problem with this mental make-up is this. If there is no India, Pakistan may not know what to do with itself. Education, Health, Civil Rights, Gender Discrimination, Minority abuse/ harassment etc are not decent enough agenda for the the Pak Army satraps. No weapons purchases and potential kickbacks involved in any of the above.

Packaging more polished, but the Pakistani Psyche perhaps etched permanently

One initially hoped (against hope) that the Oxford educated Imran Khan would be able to do some good for his own people and mend ties with the neighbour. But sadly that has remained wishful thinking. If anything, the words coming from the establishment are only more polished (thanks to Oxford), but there is little else.

However well trained, the ‘Riyaz’es will end up as cannon fodder.

The Naikoos of the world may be good at mathematics. But they let themselves be indoctrinated by players in whose Game Theory, the only practice the Riyazs of the world can get is of being cannon fodder. This is almost a zero sum game in which Pakistan can never win materially and the Naikoos will just remain pawns. Pawns whose lives continue to be played with and preyed upon by the Viziers and Knights in Prey-istan. One only hopes that the Naikoos of Kashmir stop being naive. However militarily well trained, these Riyazes can only end up as cannon fodder.

TRiUMPhalism & CauseM

qasem,soleimani,iran,iraq,Bush,bushfire,triumph,POTUS,bush,trump, dialogue,

Of Bush-fires & Office Blairs

More than a decade ago, Saddam Hussein was accused of hoarding weapons of mass destruction by George Bush and the UK Prime Minister, Tony Blair immediately collaborated. The result was/ is a bushfire that sadly still rages/ lingers in the middle east.

Each Murder begs the Question, ‘Who Benefits?’

As Hercule Poirot would ask/state, ‘Who Benefits and how – the motive – leads to the murderer’. The Misadventures in the Middle East have not been profitable for most of the NATO allies. Most, not all. The venture/s have helped the Pentagon test its arsenal and consolidate the Business of America. The American public though, may continue to pay heavily socially and economically. Is it funny or a mere coincidence that 1) both President George Bush Senior and his son President George Bush Jr had business links with the US Oil Industry (2) Major ventures into Iraq were planned during the tenure of these two gentlemen and (3) Iraq is next only to Saudi Arabia in oil reserves ?

From The House of Windsor to The White House

With Saddam Hussein out of the way, not only were much of the skeletons in the cupboard destroyed conveniently but the way was also paved for American business interests. History has a funny way of repeating itself. The balance of world power has swung from the House of Windsor to the White House. The British came as traders to India seeking permission to set up trading posts, but ended up securing most of the sub-continent… either overtly or under the guise of providing security to Indian kingdoms. Protection Money! Trump now seems to be asking for ransom money  (for  the  very  expensive US air base) as pre-requisite to pull out his troops from Iraq. The air base seemed created to consolidate US interests in the first place.

Shatranj ke Kill-adi

Afghanistan and the Middle East are merely pawns in the chess board of the powers that be. Powers that surely garb vested interests in humanitarian ones. Supporters of Qasem may aver that, if the ISIS abetted by the US’ Wahabi vassal, was meeting its deserved end, the worlds need to thank Qasem Soleimani. To be fair, Qasem did much to neutralise the ISIS.

The Comic Reality – Dispensability of the comity of nations

…and so it came to pass that a case was made….and as one has come to expect of TRiUMPhalism, Caution was thrown to the winds and Qasem Soleimani into the oven of TRiUMPhalism. Nations and Agencies think little of eliminating agents who turn rogue. Saddam Hussein, the Taliban and Osama Bin Laden are easy examples. So it is difficult to assume there was any deliberation solemn or otherwise before killing Soleimani. The US President has tried and convicted in-house at The White House. Only lesser Heads of State are required to discuss/ bring their disputes before the comity of nations. The White House is the Darbar of the World!

CauseM for Martyr

Napoleon Bonaparte famously said, ” It is the cause and not the death that makes the martyr.” In the case of Qasem, (the Cause he upheld – the fight against ISIS) and his ‘Murder’ by drone, has created a Martyr. With Iran and its sympathisers now promising revenge, the US and its increasingly disconcerted allies may need to be ready for a very long haul. This tale of catching the Tiger’s tail is slowly coming to a head. But surely nowhere near closure, at least for the affected people of the Middle East.

‘Double Standards?’, No way! Just Friendship

Terrorist Masood Azhar (Centre) wanted by India, hosted by Pak. image courtesy: financial express

The US may kill Saudi born Bin Laden in Pakistan or the Iranian Qasem in Iraq. But in its wisdom, the US may wish to shield India. India may unfortunately create a situation that may get out of hand, however unoccupied with any tail, much less a tiger’s. It is with this concern that the US has for long been advising restraint on India’s part. Not to act against about the terrorists holed up inside Pakistan or Pakistan Occupied Kashmir. No friend like a Businessman to care for you, till you outlive your usefulness as a prospect or emerge as competition.

Elections 2019 – iNDiA votes for NDA

iNDiA votes for NDA

the Run-up (for the elections) favoured Rahul

There were not many things going wrong for Rahul Gandhi in the run-up to the elections for the 17th Lok Sabha. There were more positives than he would have imagined a year ago. The Congress had won a few states in the recently concluded Assembly Elections, notably the MP and Rajasthan ones. The Supreme Court had not given its verdict yet in the Rafale Fighter deal. The Congress accusation of procedural lapses/ deviations may have had something in it. The Citizenship bill which the BJP government advocated was being seen suspiciously in the North-East. The agrarian crisis in parts of the country owing to financial and climatic pressures were also not a good sign for the BJP.

Undone by the Foot-in-the-mouth virus and the Pulwama attack

Rahul Gandhi could not build on the ‘positives’ in the run-up to the elections. One key element/ event he had absolutely no control over was the terrorist attack on Indian Army personnel at Pulwama. Also the decisive response (Balakhot) to it by the BJP-led NDA government. The BJP was quick to leverage the above to foster an aura of decisiveness and Nationalistic spirit. A Rahul supporter would have been disappointed with the Congress’ response. Rather than appreciate the Balakhot
manoeuvre, the Congress camp managed to paint itself a Doubting Thomas. By raising the spectre of a ‘con‘, the Congress unwittingly contributed to handing away the Scepture.

Alleging Con-with-the-Wind and other ‘gaffes’

The Pakistani Air Force may have reported meekly to their bosses that the Indian Air Force has gone (back) with the wind, if at all they had intruded into Pakistani airspace to bomb the terror camps (if at all they existed). But the Congress and the opposition at large took pains to paint a picture of a Con-With-the-Wind, which obviously did not go well with the masses. Proofs showcased by the IAF showed not only the non-necessity of large-scale holes/ damages on the roofs of the terror camps, but also the holes the Opposition was digging into its image. But then Pulwama and Balakhot is not of our own making. The foot-in-the-mouth behaviour surely is. Starting with the very vulgar ‘Chowkhidhar Chor Hain’ to the more audacious claim that even the Supreme Court was saying ‘Chowkhidhar Chor Hain’, Mr Gandhi has well and truly on the way. Openly tarnishing the popular PM of the country (known for his personal code of austerity etc) and thereby the nation’s image seemed puerile. To be fair, one did not really take to the late Mr Rajiv Gandhi’s name being raked up by Mr Narendra Modi in unsavoury terms. But these instances came a bit late in the campaign and paled in comparison surely.

No Opposition, No Good, for Nation

Modi, elections, GDP, statewise, GSDP, gross, domestic, product, elections, UP, uttar, pradesh, manmohan, singh, congress, INC, Inc,, Indian, national, opposition, SOS, oxygen, organize, BJP, Bharatiya, Janata. Party, Parliament, assembly, assemblies, results,
The Lotus on the verge of growing beyond the pond. image courtesy: internet /
As written earlier, the country (as with any successful democracy) needs a strong opposition. However well ‘intention-ed’ we hope our ruling party to be, it is in the people’s interest to have a Strong watchdog. But to be a strong opposition, one needs to be strong first. Having sketchy/ patchy/ self-contradicting tie-ups with parties like the TMC did not reflect well. In the land of the Hooghly, far from questioning her unholy shenanigans and hooliganism, the Congress desperately played ball with Didi‘s Comedy Show. With less than 10% of the total seats in this Lok Sabha as well, the Congress has again fallen short of being eligible for the tag of the Leader of the Opposition. But then, it first needs to showcase Leadership Principles. It needs a Principled, democratically elected Leader to begin with. For India’s sake…. surely not for Indira’s!

“All is Fair in Talc, Come On”, says J&J. Reuters retorts, “They make it As Best Os possible.”

Chilli-toon on the J&J talc imbroglio

Johnson & Johnson wins Fortune World’s Most Admired Company recognition even as it continues in the eye of a storm

Over the past few weeks, the media has been rife with reports of talc causing ovarian cancer. In India, central authorities have asked Johnson & Johnson not to use the raw material stocks at two factories manufacturing their powder, until the same has been tested by them. A few months earlier, cancer victims in the United States had been granted a $4.7 Billion compensation, by a US Court. The Court concurred with the allegations that Johnson & Johnson’s Baby Powder and Shower to Shower products have caused the disease.

Why this talk about talc?

There are two angles to the debate about talc and disease. One is that talc by itself could be carcinogenic. Some tests seem to point to this. But there are other research reports of talc being benign. The other angle and the more alarming is the presence of asbestos in the Talc products. Asbestos has long been known as a carcinogenic. It is also often seen contaminating talc deposits. Hence the danger to users.

J&J’s stand

J&J has been denying both the above possibilities. However, no less a respected entity than Reuters, has laid bare documents which may show that not all has been fair in J&J’s talk on talc. Chilling to note that many users across the world and back home in India, would be using talcum powder.

Comparison with Big Tobacco may sound churlish, but…

Consumers Beware. A Corporate Entity may show great Corporate Governance processes and even win laurels for the same. But that could still be mere application of powder (maybe talc or otherwise) to hide the diseased skin. More often than not a naturally healthy skin is a reflection of good body health. We have seen instances of the Spiritual Core being absent. But we also see many business entities evolving. We need stronger validation systems to ensure this process is encouraged and the wolves in sheep’s clothing are shamed. It may sound churlish to point out now, but Big Tobacco for years tried to mislead the authorities and the public.

‘Spiritual’ Healing as a Brand-Aid ?

Johnson & Johnson used to be a respected name. One, which was earlier associated with the largehearted Tylenol recall. It is sad that a few months earlier, J&J was slapped by the Indian authorities for selling faulty hip replacement kits.¬†The largest pharma company, maybe needs to infuse some Spirituality even as it dabbles in Allopathy. A Business Bandit is the last thing one would wish to see the maker of one’s childhood ‘BAND-AID'(TM) as. In this age of Reasoning increasingly influenced by Spiritual Meaning,¬†corporations cannot afford to be Carefree. Not only do they need to be Careful, they also need to sincerely Care. Ancient Indians advocated regular cleansing of the mind, body and spirit. While external beauty artifices were available, they believed in regular drinking various kinds of ‘Kashayam‘ to keep the system healthy. In Corporate parlance, partaking of ‘Kashayam’ would mean rigourously implementing ethically sound practices . Powder may always be applied topically, but cannot compensate for ‘Kashayam’.

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New Chief Justice says, ‘Run for Jan’. We say ‘Way to Go, guy “

ranjan, gogoi,chief,justice,supreme,court,india,mentioning,
Run for Jan! Way to Go, Guy

His Lordship, the new Chief Justice of India, Shri Ranjan Gogoi has struck a blow for the masses (Jan¬†in Hindi). He has done away with the practice of ‘mentioning’ in The Supreme Court.

Parameters will be set in due course for deciding exceptions. In most of these ‘mentionings’,¬† highly paid Senior Advocates ‘jump the queue’ and present their matters. This practice laughs in the face of equitable¬†justice. With a huge number of cases pending before Indian courts, matters already take inordinate time to see the light of day, not to say, Justice.

We hope the new Chief Justice’s decision is an indication of more equitable things to come. Augurs well for the masses.¬† Lordship, May the Force be with you.¬†¬†

And Tony applauds, “Gut there is India”

NT -02Oct2018- And Tony applauds, Good, There is India

Mr. Antonio Guterres, the Secretary-General of the United Nations has lauded India’s multilateralism,
efforts for World Peace and its Leadership on Sustainability Initiatives. “Good, there is India”, he says.
Mr Guterres is on his maiden visit to India, coinciding with the 150th Anniversary celebrations of Gandhiji’s birth

Sabarimala – The Supreme Court opens (for women), The Supreme’s Court

Sabarimala - The Supreme Court opens for women The Supreme's Court

In a Landmark judgement, the Supreme Court has ruled that all women (irrespective of their age and thereby their fertility status) may enter the Lord Ayyappa Temple at Sabarimala, Kerala.

Justice Indu Malhotra, the sole woman on the five member Judicial Bench  was notably the only judge to feel that the centuries old practice was best left unhindered. The other judges (all male), in the earnest spirit of Judicial Activism  that is currently pervading the air, had decided that women are best given access to the Divine Celibate. The thought, many probably fear is beastial, but the Celestial may have reasons for guiding the Judiciary thus.

No Exodus expected from Female devotees

It is not as if a particular community had been barred from the village well and forced to walk miles for their daily water needs.  There are several Ayyappa temples across the Country. Only the Sabarimala Temple in Kerala forbids women in the fertile age group from visiting. Like there are some temples reserved only for women, where  men are forbidden from entering.  It does not require much imagination to believe that no genuinely devout Hindu woman would really wish to break a centuries old tradition and catch the next flight/ train/ bus/ taxi to Sabarimala. She would continue to pray to Ayyappa, but not wish to disturb Him at Sabarimala. 

Security for ‘Hunter-walis’, an Oxymoron?

A lot of tax-payer money (Courts’ cost in all terms) has gone into something which will not really add much to social development. Instead of the Kerala government investing scarce resources for the multitudes of male pilgrims who throng the temple, they will now be forced to develop amenities including adequate security for the ‘Hunter-wali’¬† kind of women (refer above para) who may still be only a handful. These women surely are well within their rights to wish to go wherever their fancy takes them, but India has better things to do than sponsor Quixotic adventurism.

Adventurism Advocacy 

Advocate Naushad Ahmed Khan¬†,¬†the¬† President of the Indian Young Lawyers’ Association may have just wished to do something symbolic, to get some visibility. He has (sadly) got more than he had bargained for, with death threats etc over his mobile.¬† Some may aver that the gentleman really wanted to do something good for women-kind. We cannot be sure since there are far more issues, genuinely affecting women and their day-to-day mental and physical health than the bar on entry into one temple in Kerala. Strange that Naushad chose a minuscule non-issue.¬†¬†

Mammon Blinding This Manu

Speaking of the ills perpetrated against women, we have ‘legal luminaries’ like Abhishek Manu Singhvi¬† wanting to keep women in the Dark Ages. He pleads with the Supreme Court that any family (could be his neighbour’s as well) be permitted to mutilate/ harm the genitals of a young girl in the name of religion/ tradition. How Mammon has blinded/ corrupted this Manu…..He equates the relatively painless male circumcision (with a one time discomfort) with the evil called¬†¬†Female Genital Mutilation. Just reading about it causes¬†discomfort. Can Abhishek look at his neighbour’s new born girl in the eye and proudly/ honestly say what he is paid to chant in Court.

If Mr Singhvi is appearing pro bono one is far more alarmed !!

Swamiyae Sharanam Ayyappa!

The Supreme Court has already passed very welcome landmark judgements on decriminalising LGBTQ relationships and Adultery.  With a landmark judgement like the Sabarimala Case, the Divine seems to have prepared us all to hear more landmark judgements favouring the vulnerable and the victimised. The valid ones, I mean. 

Swamiyae Sharanam Ayyappa!



Sofia Lois on Flight of Fancism? So Fiascist! BJP in the Cross hairs of the banned Sickle and Hammer. How ChMaotic!

Researcher on Flight of Fansicm? So Fiacist!

Sofia Lois on Flight of Fancism? 

Ms Lois Sofia, a 28 year old Physics/ Mathematics researcher was on a flight from Chennai to Tuticorin along with her parents. Spotting Ms Tamilisai Soundarrajan, the Tamil Nadu state BJP Leader, in the plane, Sofia, saw Red. She has abused BJP as a fascist organization. Despite being given an opportunity to apologize, Sofia has stuck to her stand. 

So Fiascist!

A complaint by the BJP Leader to the Airports Authority has led to Sofia’s arrest and subsequent bail. We are not sure about the kind of Red that Sofia saw or was/ is influenced by. But we hope it is neither the Red of the Cross or that of the Maos (maoists) that has warped basic civil/ civic sense of an educated Adult intelligent enough to be a PhD aspirant. The latter (maoists) have been banned by the earlier UPA Government (at the Centre) for anti-national activities. 

 How ChMaotic!

For obvious reasons, the Maoists will surely not be happy to have a strong Central Party, especially the one that has/ d been significantly winning state elections too. The Church has never been comfortable with the BJP with its stated policy of protecting ancient Indian traditions/ values/ practices. The Cross maybe neck and neck globally with the Crescent (Islam). But in India, the Cross is a distant third. Therefore it sees India as a huge market for conversion to Christianity and we have Bishops falling over each other to write to their flock warning them of ‘nationalist’ forces. Does it make these Reverend Ones, anti-national, one wonders? 

Vat I Can, I do

It is interesting that there has not been even a whimper, forget a rebuke from Top Management of these ‘anti-nationalists’. No decently managed organization runs without the Top Brass knowing about or encouraging or inciting the actions of those down below. In the absence of any remorse from the Senior staff for the actions of the Juniors (and/or disciplinary action), it is safe to assume, then, that blessings for these, come all the way from the Top. It is a case of Vat I Can, I do. Sadly for The Church, religion has not been a way of life as it has been in India from time immemorial. It is about Commerce, Market Share and attendant Economics. Else we would not have had Martin Luther ‘protesting’ Catholic excesses. Funny if the marketer of one beverage portrays itself as Holier than another. 

It takes an obsession with Christianity to make efforts to convert, it takes far more Wisdom/ Humaneness to let ancient traditions exist. If gone, they are gone for ever. Humanity loses a treasure trove. Imagine the digestive property of Ginger/ the blood thinning property of Garlic/ the anti-inflammatory property of Turmeric being replaced with pop and swallow chemical capsules….Imagine consumers being brainwashed that Garlic/ Turmeric/ Ginger don’t have any other properties and it is a waste of time to cultivate them…..Over a period, Humanity loses the other beautiful properties of Garlic/ Turmeric / Ginger along with these plants/ herbs.       

Fight Against Fake News?

One of the major conscientious activities of the past by the Papacy has been regretting the sexual misbehaviour of some of the men of cloth. Another has been the Vatican’s clarion call against fake news. Unfortunately much of the Empire built by the Church could be on possibly fake foundations. Even the noble Middle-eastern Jesus (non-Caucasian) who learnt much of his philosophy while travelling in India has been traditionally portrayed as a Caucasian, replete with fair skin, golden hair etc. Is it possible to see a Papal Decree to ensure the correct representation of Jesus?      

BJP in the Cross hairs of the banned Sickle and Hammer.

The RSS’ stated policy is Universal Brotherhood and communal harmony. It respects the right of an individual to practise his or her own religion. But the Cross could also believe that the rampant conversions (with various inducements etc) may not be taken kindly by the RSS, intent on keeping ancient Indian traditions alive. The BJP has also banned dubious foreign charity money being channelised for proselytization. It is possible therefore, that a common enemy could see some elements in the the Cross spectrum hobnobbing with the banned Hammer and Sickle. (Not to be confused with the other Communist Party CPI(M), which remains a legitimate party). 

As evidenced during the pro-Jallikattu stir in Tamil Nadu, the distrust among Tamils towards enforcement of Hindi language/ culture was exploited by the Maoists and other anti-BJP elements to foment riots in various locations. The establishment may suspect similar links in the anti-Sterlite protests. 

Much Ado Over Din, O’wisely

We now have numerous Sofia supporters shouting for the Constitutional right of freedom of speech. Have they imagined a normal citizen going upto a Asaduddin Owaisi inside a flight and questioning him for his ‘ill-advised’ statements (not even accusing him of being a Terrorist or a Fascist). Imagine the fear and the stress among the fellow passengers, some of whom may even be too old to take the ensuing altercation. 

Would be interesting to know if the same supporters of free speech would create a din or remain mute, O’ wisely…..

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Image of Poster celebrating the supposed Conversion of a Brahmin Couple to Christianity. It seems Divine Jesus gave Rs 85 Lakhs and delivered the couple from debt. Looks like The Church believes even Christianity cannot save all the poor Christians across the world. Lets at least unsettle the Indians, it seems to think……

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