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Jallikattu Ban: Sequence of Events and Poll Promises. BJP and Congress. Election Manifesto speaketh.

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Poster at the Marina, Chennai



Jallikattu and Poll Promises. BJP and Congress. – (compiled from various sources)

The ongoing protests by the students at various places in Tamil Nadu including the Chennai Marina brings to fore some views. Some valid, some not. One of the perceptions of the supporters is that the BJP and the RSS wishes to paint the entire country with the same cultural brush. The state is still smarting at the efforts to impose Hindi on Tamil Nadu. TN students believe that the BJP and RSS similarly wish to dilute or remove Jallikattu, an age old tradition down South.

Is it Jallikattu Vs Animal Rights or Jallikattu & Animal Rights? – Part 2 (a) The Photo Series – Chennai Marina



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Is it Jallikattu Vs Animal Rights or Jallikattu & Animal Rights? – Part 1


Jallikattu Vs Animal Rights

The most popular debate raging in the media and across various fora has been very engaging as well as confusing. The debate over the practice of Jallikattu on one hand versus the abuse of Animal Rights on the other.

We have had the Animal Welfare Board of India (AWBI) and the PETA (People for Ethical Treatment of Animals) raising objections to the way bulls were harassed/abused during Jallikattu. The PETA, AWBI and other animal rights groups have therefore been insistent that the ban on Jallikattu needs to be in place.

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The Votaries of Jallikattu (VoJ) have accepted that there could be some merit in the claims of abuse of animals. There could be instances of cruelty in places. Man is capable of nobility and the other extreme as well. This they have acknowledged and are willing to let the sport be governed and monitored.  They  also question the locus standi of PETA in the matter. They believe that either the PETA may not feel enough about the culture of the region (at best) or may be colluding with vested interests (at worst) to ensure that Indian breeds giving healthier A2 milk are slowly wiped out. In this series of articles,  we wish to understand the following:


  1. The History of the Sport and its relevance then.
  2. The View of the VoJ and its possible relevance now.
  3. The allegations against PETA /AWBI
  4. Healthy Native (Indian) A2 milk of local breeds Vs ‘Poisonous’ A1 milk from foreign cows
  5. The lesson Lantana teaches us on mindless ‘insemination’ of foreign flora & fauna

The History of Jallikattu.

Jallikattu has a long tradition in the Indian sub-continent. The seals from the Indus Valley Civilization prove that Jallikattu could possibly have been one of mankind’s initial ‘sports activities’. The idea behind this game in a pastoral society would have been to understand which of the able bodied men was bold or strong enough to hang on to a bull’s hump.

What better way for a suitor to convince a girl’s father than that he would ready to face all challenges for a life with her. Also practically speaking, he needed to be able to manage livestock. Imagine the primary occupation of the people in an agrarian set-up.  The sport also gave an opportunity to find out the stronger of the bulls for potential mating rights with the farmers’ cows.

As Iravatham Mahadevan has demonstrated increasingly convincingly, the Indus Valley language bears a strong similarity to modern day Tamil. Therefore there should be no doubt about the antiquity of the tradition as seen in Tamil Nadu.

(to be continued…..)

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Virat Kohli and Kedar Jadhav win run-chase of 350 for India against England in 1st ODI at Pune

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Kohli, Captaincy and Winning – Hand in Hand – Netra Venkat

Captain Kohli has yet again proved to be one of the finest run-chase masters India has produced or the world has seen. He led the team through a fantastic chase against

Dhoni, India’s Captain Cool steps down. ‘Angry’ young man, Virat Kohli takes over.

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Dhoni, the ‘CAPTAIN COOL’ Hands over the Baton to Virat Kohli – Netra Venkat

Virat Kohli fans are very thrilled. Dhoni fans who await their captain cool to lead Team India may be a tad sad.  MSD decided to be just the cool guy and not the ‘captain’ Cool on 4th Jan, 2017 by

Water, Water, Everywhere…..On the Brink of a Crisis!



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Water Scarcity in Manipur . image courtesy:

Water Water Everywhere…

(This write-up is about the water crisis looming large in the Southern Indian State of Tamil Nadu. Water is a vast subject with multiple ramifications and hence there is much that is/could be still left unsaid.)

Most of us know the facts about water or are broadly aware of them. But very few of us perhaps realize, the grave reality.  The

Demonetization – A perspective




DEMONETISATION – A Perspective – HK Agrawal

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Demonetisation has undoubtedly been the biggest news item for India in 2016. It has affected the  country’s economics, finances, politics and social structure. Innumerable articles, editorials, messages on social media, debates in Parliament have been devoted to this topic. Opinions, even among economists, have been very sharply polarized.

Unfortunately, the political views of authors – for and against Modi have deeply coloured most of the opinions on Demonetisation.  For bhaktas, everything was great;

Sasikala becomes General Secretary of AIADMK




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Sasikala becomes General Secretary

The AIADMK has formally appointed Ms. Sasikala Natarajan as its General Secretary. She replaces Jayalalithaa the former Chief Minister and her erstwhile companion. Stories of intrigues in Tamil Nadu politics rival the ones one has read of, in Indian and European Royal Courts. The creator of D’Artagnan and The Three Musketeers, Alexandre Dumas may even have learned a thing or two.

The Denouement

A ‘Queenly’ Chief Minister dies in hospital after two months of intensive care failed. Her long time companion seems to be the only one who can tell the immediate reason for her ending up there. Assume the Doctors at Apollo know what happened subsequently.

Post Amma’s funeral, anyone who is anything in the AIADMK party had been falling over themselves and over each other to be the one true sychophant. The objective was to hail Sasikala as the Chinnamma (Little Mother) who would need to lift the ‘orphaned’ children out of the misery of rudderless-ness.

A videographer who became a Chief Minister’s companion has now become the power to reckon with, in TN politics. There may be a little bickering in some cadre ranks, with reports also of Jayalalithaa’s niece being open to a role in TN politics. But for now,  Chinnamma (Little Mother) as Sasikala is known as, is calling the shots in AIADMK and TN Government.

Cool Chilli’s Comments

Tamil Nadu politics has been peculiar and has been beset with sycophancy for a long time now. The leaders reach the top politically due to their Cinematic status and then become demigods. And which God or Godess doesn’t enjoy adulation or devotion? In TN in particular, servility and sycophancy have replaced intelligence and performance as the means to gain favour. Jayalalitha may have come into power the hard way with her native intelligence and erudition helping her, no doubt. But the current Chief Minister, Mr. O. Paneerselvam’s (OPS) most notable feature was his loyalty to Amma. Nothing more nothing less.

Sasikala as the General Secretary of the AIADMK and OPS as Chief Minister may not augur well for governance in TN. Sasikala is not tested as a public figure. The man on the street knows that OPS (O Paneerselvam) is but a figurehead. Mr Manmohan Singh was chosen by Mrs Sonia Gandhi to head the UPA government, but OPS may not be very welcome for Sasikala. He had been Amma’s choice as a stand-by Chief Minister, but OPS completing his tenure as CM may not be part of Chinnamma’s plans.

Mr Manmohan Singh as Prime Minister attracted negative press for being a front for Mrs Sonia Gandhi. But he was/is a respected Economist in his own right. This factor would definitely have also contributed to their discussions, even if Mrs Sonia Gandhi only had political or pecuniary perspectives. Mr Singh set up the pioneering Aadhar Card or UIDAI which is a big gamechanger for better governance, if leveraged well. Mr Singh can surely take credit for it.

Mrs Sonia Gandhi chose Mr

In Ending

Amma may have been thinking of Sasikala as namma Canary. Through Chicanery or otherwise, Chinamma is born and the stage is set for a different tune in Tamil Nadu. What India and the Congress Party took a few decades to traverse, Tamil Nadu and AIADMK have done in a matter of weeks. A Lady Leader who was the ‘only man’ in her Cabinet, followed by a Head of the Cabinet, who will only be an HMV,  Her Majesty’s Voice. Whether Sasikala is able to shed her ‘schemer-behind-the-scenes’ image and groom herself as a Statesman, time will tell.

Not only the people of Tamil Nadu but the Mandarins at New Delhi are also watching. If there is one person in the world, Cool Chilli would rather not be, it is OPS. Distant Delhi wants him to continue, but Chinnamma closer home may not.

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